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I'm always looking for interesting and timely things to write about. So when I got an email offering a free copy of "Bug Out Bag Guns" by Jason Hanson, I figured why not. Bug out bags have long been a topic of interest among the prepper community, but only recently made it on the radar of the average citizen.

About the Author

Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer. He served for nearly a decade and was twice awarded their Exceptional Performance Award. He is a New York Times Best Selling Author for his book Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. After winning Shark Tank in 2014 he opened Spy Ranch. It is a 320 acre school where he teaches things like evasive driving, anti-kidnapping tactics, rifle and pistol shooting, cyber security and other things he learned in the CIA.

About the Book

Despite the main title of the book, only 14 of 74 pages are about guns. The remainder of the book is about other bug out bag gear. The font is large and there are tons of pictures. With the low page count it is a quick read. I personally finished it in just a few hours.

The quality of the writing isn't up to New York Times Best Seller standards, but the book is readable enough. Mr. Hanson reviews his top choices for bug out bag handguns and rifles. His recommendations reflect his person preferences and not necessarily the most realistic or reliable choices available. He also completely ignores optics and only briefly mentions lasers as a handgun option. He does not discuss safe storage of the weapon in your bag. Instead the implication is that your gun is just roaming around free in your bag which seems like an invitation for a negligent discharge.

After the brief foray into weapon choice, the rest of the book delves into other types of gear. The majority of the medical suggestions are good. Everyone should have a quality first aid kit that includes a tourniquet and the knowledge to use them. Other topics covered include knives, hunting and trapping equipment, shelters, and communications. The reader should do additional research and select the items that best fit their needs and skill level.

One of the most useful parts of the book is information provided on the ABC's of survival and the Rule of 3's. The rule of 3's states you have 3 minutes to establish adequate air supply and after that you have 3 hours to find shelter. Then you have 3 days to get water into your system and 3 weeks to get food. The ABC's of survival help you remember all the things you need to consider. Airway, Bad Guys, Climate, Drink, Eating, Friends, and Gathering.

Final Thoughts

I am by no means a bug out bag or gun expert, but that's kind of the point. Jason Hanson states his mission is to teach the “average person” survival skills he learned while in the CIA. I've spent enough time with people with significant skills and experience with both to know this is not the best resource for the “average person”.

Mr. Hanson does not provide unsafe or dangerous advice. What he offers is advice well beyond what the average person actually needs. The fact is, if things get so bad that you need everything he advises, most will not likely have the physical and mental capabilities to survive long term. Putting together a basic bag to survive a few days should you be forced to leave home is probably a better choice. Otherwise, sheltering in place is usually the safest and easiest tactic.

If you get a copy of Bug Out Bag Guns by Jason Hanson, take the advice with a grain of salt. Putting together a bag meeting all of his recommendations would cost a lot of money. Your money could be better spent preparing your home and getting quality firearms training and gear.

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