Colt Python Revolvers - SHOT Show 2024

Colt revolvers SHOT Show 2024

After reintroducing revolvers to their lineup in 2018, Colt has been steadily expanding models year after year. 2024 Is no different, giving some long awaited updates to the Python line.

Colt Revolvers - SHOT Show 2024

Colt had several new variants of the legendary Python revolver on display for SHOT Show 2024, with new finishes, barrel lengths, and more.

Blued Python

Most attendees were enamored with the Blued Python, an old school shift in gears from the typical stainless steel of the modern Colt models. These classic guns are available in both 4-inch and 6-inch barrels, coming standard with walnut target grips and orange inserts in the front sight.

Colt revolvers SHOT Show 2024

This is a change that I've seen requested since the reintroduction of the Python. I expect these to do very well, calling back to the heydey of the revolver. MSRP on the Blued Python is $1,599 for both barrel lengths.

Python Matte

In an interesting shift from the Blued Python, Colt has released a model using a brushed stainless finish. Guns come in barrel lengths of 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches, all with orange inserts in the front sight. Matte finishes typically don't stand out for me, but there's something about the juxtaposition of them versus the traditional high-polish Python that catches my eye. Despite not being physically smooth, the Colt actions haven't suffered with the new finish.

Colt revolvers SHOT Show 2024

MSRP on the Python Matte sits at $1,299 across all barrel lengths.

Python Classic

If you thought the Blued Python was a throwback, get ready for the Python Classic. This 2-inch barreled gun ditches the modern target grips in favor of traditional bell-style walnut stocks with a Colt Pony medallion. Display models featured the orange insert front sight, though product material mentions a brass bead, which will really fit the old school vibe of the Python Classic.

Colt revolvers SHOT Show 2024

MSRP is $1,499.

Combat Elite Python

This is the gun that caught my attention when walking into the Colt booth. The Colt Combat Elite Python is anything but a throwback. The three-inch barrel is topped with a tritium night sight front, which features a white ring for good visibility in both daylight and low-light situations. Grips are made from G-10 and are rather thick, providing a solid purchase, and helping to absorb recoil. While I didn't notice this at first glance, the cylinder is unfluted, giving the gun a little more heft, and a very unique look.

Colt revolvers SHOT Show 2024

The cylinder, along with the G-10 grips set this gun apart from the lineup. With its 3-inch barrel, I think this gun would serve well along the belt, or inside the waistband. Out of every release from Colt during SHOT, this is the one I'm most interested to get time behind.

MSRP on the Combat Elite Python is $1,499.

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  1. I enjoyed the article on the 2024 Shot Show by Daniel Reedy about the new Colt Python products. After doing some looking for the availability of the Python Classic with 2" barrel , I have a question. Is the barrel length actually 2" or is it the 2 1/2" length model he's referring to? I can't seem to find a 2" model available but some of the other models he mentioned in the article are available. I would prefer a 2" barrel for concealed carry.
    Thank yor any help you can provide.

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