New Streamlight Products | SHOT Show 2020

Streamlight brought several new lights to SHOT Show 2020, with both handheld and weapon mounted introductions.

Streamlight TLR-9

The TLR-9 is an entirely new design from Streamlight. Powered by a proprietary rechargeable battery, the TLR-9 extends to roughly the same length as a Surefire X300u, while being nearly half the width. This battery produces 1,000 lumens and 10,000 candela with an effective range of 200 meters. Run time sits around 1.5 hours on a full charge. Streamlight claims the TLR-9 can fit in most light bearing holsters that fit the TLR-1 or X300. The light is activated using Streamlights new rear switches, with options for both high and low mounting available.

The TLR-9 has an MSRP of $240 and will be available in April.


Improving upon the already solid designs of the compact TLR-7/8, Streamlight has developed two new switch options for both lights. These switches press forward from the rear, unlike the originals which needed to be pressed inboard. The "low" switch is designed to replicate the placement of TLR-1 rockers in the down position. After using both the high and low options, I much prefer the high version. This was much easier for me to reach, especially on guns with larger triggerguards.

Streamlight TLR-8A

The new switches cannot be purchased separately to replace legacy models. There is a hardware change internally that makes a retrofit incompatible. Pricing is the same as original TLR-7/8 lights, with units shipping now.


Streamlight is combining the best of both worlds with the new TLR RM line. These take the existing TLR-7/8, and TLR-9 bodies, then convert them into rifle style lights. The big change is the activation switch. Instead of the two individual levers, there is now a large pad on the rear of the light, similar to Inforce WMLs.

Streamlight TLR RM

The difference here is that the button is both raised and textured, and the entire pad can activate the light. Much like the Streamlight Racker, there is zero worry of hitting a dead zone on the pad and failing to activate your light. Provisions have been made for the use of Streamlight tape switches as well, adding a layer of versatility and redundancy to the TLR RM.

Streamlight Macrostream

Macrostream is a new handheld light from Streamlight. Taking a similar form to the ProTac series, the Macrostream sets itself apart as a rechargeable light. Surrounding the head of the light is a sleeve held in place by an o-ring. Pull this sleeve down to reveal the charging port for the light.Streamlight Macrostream

The Macrostream features a 500 lumen, 2,000 candela high mode, and a 50 lumen, 220 candela low mode. Run time is 2 hours on high, and 8 hours on low from a full charge. Streamlight claims a 90 meter throw on the high setting, with 30 meters on low.

MSRP on the Streamlight Macrostream is $90. The light will be available on May 1st.

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