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This Monday Gun Moron is a woman who was interviewed by the news. During that interview, the woman flags herself on the news clearly demonstrating she needs some instruction urgently. She is being interviewed about her reaction to a murder near her apartment, which as you might guess from the title, is to strap on a cheap gun in a shit holster filled with shit ammunition.

When asked by the reporter what kind of gun it is all she seems to know is that it is a 9mm. The reporter then asks her to take it out and show it to him she didn't hesitate for a second. Idiot.

As she pulls the Taurus G2S from the shit tier holster that she refers to as her "safety holder" for an inexplicable reason, she struggles with the thumb break retention strap and immediately flags herself as she draws the firearm. Later in the interview, she says that the gun stays in the holster with one in the chamber and the safety on, so yes, this moron did flag herself with a loaded firearm.

The train wreck doesn't stop there! She then points the damn gun right at her gut to remove the magazine to show off the "home invasion bullets" to the reporter and makes the statement that "they enter and no not exit." News flash, that isn't how this works. A quick glance tells me that the ammo is I believe to be Hornady Critical Defense 115-grain JHP, a defensive round that has repeatedly been proven to be less than ideal. There is a reason it isn't on the DocGKR list.

Fuck. Me. Please stop, I beg you, lady.

After replacing the magazine in the gun and reholstering she struggles with the thumb break's snap and ultimately gives up. Who needs retention right? While she is demonstrating her clear lack of common sense, she makes a statement that multiplies how dumb her actions appear. "And it sits right in there [the holster] with the safety on and one in the chamber, ready to go at all times."

What She Is Using

Disclaimer: Obviously, Firearm Rack does not condone this kind of stupidity and you should always use firearms in a safe manner. Please do not be dumb with guns, I don’t want to make fun of you.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the DocGKR list. I was using the Critical Defense in my nightstand gun but I've since ordered some Golden Sabers. I mean, if I'm going to shoot a perp, I want them to "enter and do not exit."

  2. Please Patrick, I beg you...please post a new article. This image of a sloppy gun handler needs to be archive... not your main picture,,please

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