80% Lower's New AR9 9mm AR Carbine 80% Lower

80% Lower AR9 80% pistol caliber carbine lower

One of the fastest growing segments of the AR market -- if there is one these days -- is pistol caliber carbines. The versions of these handy, light-shooting guns that take popular pistol magazines like those from GLOCK, Smith & Wesson or Beretta let shooters who value simplicity stock one caliber and use their mags in both their handguns and rifles. Not to mention that pistol caliber carbines are inexpensive to shoot, a ton of fun, and great for everything from home defense to plinking.

Do-it-yourselfers who don't want to mess with that whole 4473 thing will be thrilled to hear that 80% Lowers has just come out with a new forged 80% "AR9" lower that will take either GLOCK or Colt mags. That's right, with a few tools and a little elbow grease, you can have your own finished pistol caliber lower without a government permission slip. How great is that? Here's their press release . . .

The First and Only Forged AR9 80% Lower from 80-Lower.com

For Immediate Release: 80-Lower.com is excited to introduce an industry breakthrough: The first and ONLY forged AR9 80% lower! Before we rolled this bad boy out, there were few options for builders who wanted an AR9. In fact, most AR9 platforms have been sold at prices we find exorbitant. We’re here to fix that. Now, you have access to one of the most affordable AR9 platforms around, and we’re even selling full-built AR9 uppers to make it a complete package!

But what’s so great about our new, forged AR9 80% lower? Let’s break it down so you can get as excited as we are:

Finally, an Affordable AR9!

Most AR9 platforms are super-expensive, and that’s largely because of supply and demand – or a lack of the former, and an interest in the latter. We’ve helped sway the scales the other way with our new forged AR9 80% lower! Our AR9 lower is just $140 and already boasts a perfect 5-star rating. Couple that with our AR9 upper, or just buy the entire kit for $800 and you’ll have a quality pistol that costs more than half what other suppliers are charging!

Our Forged AR9 is Truly by Design

Up until now, some suppliers were making kits that allow you to adapt an existing AR-15 lower to 9MM. This is a creative but relatively jerry-rigged approach to investing in a new caliber. We decided to take it all the way with a proprietary design, tailor-made from the forge for 9MM.

80% Lower AR9 80% pistol caliber carbine lower

Why not just a kit? Because by designing our Forged AR9 80% lower from scratch, we can guarantee reliability, accuracy, and compatibility with your favorite magazines. And on that note…

Our AR9 Lowers is Compatible with Glock and Colt Mags!

Glock and Colt are two of the biggest suppliers of 9MM magazines, so it was a simple decision for us to make our new forged AR9 80% lower compatible with them! This gives you access to a wide range of proven, affordable and high-capacity magazines that have already been tested and approved by millions of shooters.

Compatible with Our 80% Lower Jigs!

Our AR9 lower is easy to machine and requires no additional guesswork or any major changes to the machining process. It’s compatible with our most popular 80% lower jigs, like the Easy Jig Gen 2 and 5D Router Jig Pro. You don’t need any expertise or mechanical prowess to finish this puppy at home.

Ergonomics and Top-Tier Features

Affordable doesn’t mean cheap, and we stick with that. Even though our AR9 represents one of the most affordable kits on the market, it still boasts some of the highest quality features that you’d normally only find on tier 1 makers’ guns:

  • Competition-Style, Fast Feed Ramps
  • Type III Hardcoat Anodized Finish
  • 7075 T6 Forged Aluminum Alloy (Mil-Spec)
  • Ambidextrous Trigger Assembly

Ships to Your Door, No FFL Required!

Our new AR9 lower – just like all 80% lowers – is not considered a firearm by any definition. Only once you complete the final machining steps and only once it’s functional, is it considered a firearm. That means we get to ship it straight to your front door, 100% legally in all 50 states! No red tape, no waiting in line at the gun store, no waiting period infringing on your rights. Order today and get building tomorrow!


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