Archon Firearms Type B At SHOT!

My good friend Duncan put together something on the Archon Firearm Type B pistol that was being shown at SHOT 2018. I have to say, I can’t wait to get my hands on one and really put it through the paces.

U.S.A. –-( Among the crowd at SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range, I was able to shoot a few magazines through the Type B pistol from Archon Firearms. There was also enough space to get a good look at a quick break down of their new pistol.

For those unfamiliar with Archon Firearms here is a little history. After confronting potential trademark disputes, Arsenal Firearms USA rebranded their organization as Archon Firearms. Products such as the Stryk B pistols, were also re-designated as the Type B. For those that have been waiting, the rebrand surely came as a disappointment, as this will also incur a reissuance from the ATF.

After confronting potential trademark disputes, Arsenal Firearms USA rebranded their organization as Archon Firearms.

But there is good news!

The Type B pistol has been making its way out to select individuals, and according Archon, is nearing the final month(s) of validation.

So for those wondering, what’s the difference between the Type B and every other type of polymer pistol?

Here is some shooting and a quick breakdown of the Type B pistol:

My view on the pistol is that it does fit nicely in the hand, I especially like the built-in beavertail grip. The grip texture itself is very aggressive, I can’t imagine wanting something more aggressive than the scales on the Type B. The work that has gone into achieving a low-bore axis is impressive, and also lends to a smooth shooting pistol. Between the Type B and other pistols, the main difference is the AF Speedlock, which helps prevent barrel movement. It will require more testing to really see if that lends to better accuracy.

Overall my impression of the pistol, is one that I am excited to see finally come to market. As a side note, the guys at Archon and Salient FIrearms definitely know how to throw an awesome party!

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