BCM MLOK Rail Covers Review: Cheap, Yet Excellent

Disclaimer: The BCM MLOK Rail Panels were purchased at the cost of the author. 

BCM is a household name in regards to AR-15s, and AR accessories. They make some of the best components out there, and the BCM MLOK Rail Covers are no exception. This doesn’t need to be a long review, and I’m not going to make it one.

Looking At The BCM MLOK Rail Covers

The BCM MLOK rail covers are great. Why do you need them though? In days of old, when 1913 quad rails were the norm, rubber and polymer covers were used to protect the rails from damage, but M-LOK doesn’t really require that. As I see it, these BCM rail covers have three uses: To provide better grip on the rail, to shield one’s hands from heat, and to look attractive.

The rail panel covers are textured for grip and feel much like the factory stippling coming from the competent handgun manufacturers. It is aggressive, but won’t tear your hands up. After a few trips out, on very hot days, the covers kept grippy, even with sweaty hands.

Does the rail panel covers help to shield from heat? Well, on my rifle, sorta. My test-bed for these covers was a pencil profile Aero Precision upper, with their M4E1 rail. This rail only has M-LOK at the three, six, and nine o’clock positions, so I mounted my rail covers there. After about three hundred rounds dumped at the range, the rail was cooking. The BCM covers did not remove the heat, but it was definitely easier to maintain a hold on the gun after the dump. On a rifle with an M-LOK rail with more mounting positions, I’m sure that the covers would have more of an effect.

Lastly, are they attractive? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so this will vary from users to user. I like the way that these covers look, especially with my rifle’s worn in rattlecan job.

Would I Recommend The BCM MLOK Rail Covers?

For the cost of about ten dollars for a five pack, I can’t think of a cheap accessory that I like this much for a rifle. Installing the BCM MLOK Rail Covers is an easy task, the panel covers weigh close to nothing, but you get plenty of use in return. This is a much better alternative to bare M-LOK sections, in my honest opinion.

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