Glock 44 Problems Already? That's Just Perfect

Glock 44 Broken Extractor
Sourced from Military Arms Channel

Just a few weeks ago Glock released their first pistol in .22LR, it looks like the Glock 44 problems are already cropping up.

This was met with both praise and ridicule by differing factions within the firearms community. While the rimfire, Glock 19 size, pistol received mixed reviews, it became something that people across the world were interested in. Finally an OEM option for budget minded training that uses existing holsters and accessories.

Recently, posts have been popping up across social media showing all manner of problems with the new Glock 44. These range from cracked slides, broken ejectors, and out of battery detonations. I first came across the issue from a post by the Military Arms Channel earlier today. Since then I've seen posts from multiple sources with multiple instances of issues.

Of course, there's more data that needs to be gathered to see what the underlying problems may be. Is it bad metallurgy with the slides? Poor selection of ammo possibly leading to over-pressure or squib loads?

No matter the problem, Glock 44 owners need to keep an eye on their pistols during range time. If you notice a problem, set the pistol aside and contact of the company for warranty work. We'll keep you up to date as more information rolls out regarding these issues.

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  1. My glock just blew up also and they immediately blamed the ammo again. I'm a range officer and sales manager at a long standing gun store and that's bs, I own and have shot hundreds of 22 but some how only the ammo has problems with their guns and they hadn't even seen the gun yet

  2. Extractor and extractor spring and plunger flew our of our customers brand new Glock 44. I requested a new extractor and Glock immediately blamed the ammo. Here is a news flash Glock, if Ruger, Browning, S&W and others can handle the broad spectrum of 22lr ammo on the market then what the hell is up with "it's the ammo"???? Bull,,!!!! Don't try and smoke someone with 40 years of manufacturing and retail experience in this industry.

  3. For $215 my Taurus TX22 eats any 22lr ammo I feed it(esp CCI StandVel), comes with a threaded barrel and 16rd mag capacity so I think I'll pass on Glock Perfection, thanks.

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