Tenicor ARX LUX Review: No-Excuse WML Carry

Disclaimer: The Tenicor ARX LUX was provided at no cost purpose of this review.

As users increasingly demand weapon-mounted light compatibility from their carry gear, the new Tenicor ARX LUX serves to meet that need.  Like the SAGAX LUX (released concurrently), the ARX LUX provides the user with a no-downside solution for WML carry.  Put another way, it fits a compact WML into a nearly identical footprint to a non-WML holster.

The ARX LUX is fully compatible with your Glock, with or without a WML.

As a daily user of the original ARX, I can say that comfort and concealment are identical.  In fact, the only noticeable difference between the ARX and the ARX LUX is the small amount of extra kydex where the ARX had none.  Like any good OWB holster, the ARX LUX holds the firearm tight to the body and the firearm is canted to aid in concealment and allow for a good master grip in the holster.  What works for one person may not work for everybody else, but I'm pretty confident in saying the ARX LUX will work for most people.

The belt real estate occupied by the two holsters is identical.

Adding to these improvements, the new Tenicor holster even manages to retain the firearm without the light attached.  Competitors prohibited by competition rules from using a WML can use the same holster they carry with every day.  Likewise, users with a mix of firearms with and without lights (or even different lights) have one holster to rule them all.  To top that off, the ARX LUX is fully compatible with modern RDS optics like the Trijicon RMR and the Shield RMS.

ARX and ARX LUX with Glock 19s inserted. The Glock on the left has the excellent Streamlight TLR7 attached.

Because the Tenicor ARX LUX is WML-compatible --and not just WML-specific -- users have the ability to upgrade their lights as technology progresses.  There's no longer a need to wait for the holster market to catch up.   In sum, the Tenicor ARX LUX gives users with a need for strong-side OWB concealment no reason not to carry a light.

Find more about the Tenicor line on their website.

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