Harry’s Holsters Infiltrator Holster Review [2024]

Harry's Holsters Infiltrator

We’re in a golden age of holsters right now. Just about anyone can pick up a press and put together a decent concealment holster, with quick ship, low cost options abound. That said, there is still a big gap between what makes a “decent” holster and what makes something great. Small details can often be missed, especially by those who don’t regularly train or compete. Luckily that isn’t the case here. Several months ago I got sent the Infiltrator for Glock 48 from Harry’s Holsters to evaluate. How has it stacked up over the past year?

Construction and Design of the Harry’s Holsters Infiltrator

The Harry’s Holsters Infiltrator is a fairly straightforward holster, with solid attention to detail. Starting from the far end, we have a partially enclosed muzzle. This allows debris, such as spent brass, to fall through the holster, while also providing a rounded end to improve comfort. This is my preference in muzzle design, though that’s purely subjective.

Harry's Holsters Infiltrator
The partially open muzzle of the Harry’s Holsters Infiltrator

Moving a little further back, the Infiltrator features a molded-in concealment wing, much like the Monocle I reviewed last year. While this is not adjustable for degrees of concealment, I think it’s a fair trade. This smooth ramp helps to make donning and doffing the holster a breeze, unlike a more traditional wing/claw which can get caught on the waistband. It may sound silly, but it’s a nice touch, and has been highly appreciated by newer shooters I’ve had try the holster. For those curious, this does prevent you from using the Infiltrator with the PHLster Engima.

Harry's Holsters Infiltrator

The area near the trigger guard is relieved to allow for a full firing grip in the holster. As is common with Harry’s Holsters, all edges have been melted, with no poking or prodding bits to be found. The backside of the Infiltrator has plenty of real estate for mounting a wedge to aid in concealment. Finally, the holster comes optics ready, and is compatible with irons mounted forward of the dot.

Mounting Options

The Harry’s Holsters Infiltrator comes standard with a Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock. This steel clip offers solid security along the belt, while still maintaining a low profile. Donning and doffing can be done one-handed, yet I have never encountered an issue with the holster staying firmly in my waistband.

Harry's Holsters Infiltrator
The molded in wing improves concealment while reducing snagging

Users are able to adjust ride height by a total of 1-inch, giving allowances for comfort or concealment. Additionally, cant is adjustable both positively and negatively. This allows the Infiltrator to be worn AIWB, strong side, and potentially crossdraw for those interested in that aspect.

Real World Use

Both my wife and I have extensively carried the Harry’s Holsters Infiltrator over the past year. While it hasn’t been to any classes yet, it has seen serious training days on the range, and survived the intense Nevada Summer without issue. Thanks to the smooth edges and partially closed muzzle, this is something that I can wear for excessively long periods of time without developing any hotspots. This includes road trips in excess of 8-hours of continuous sitting.

Harry's Holsters Infiltrator
Harry’s leaves plenty of room for your favorite optic

With hundreds of drawstrokes under its belt, the Infiltrator is no worse for wear, nor have we found edges that need additional trimming.

Final Thoughts on the Harry’s Holsters Infiltrator

Overall, I love the Harry’s Holsters Infiltrator. It brings together a variety of features that I prefer from multiple holsters and puts them into a single option, so it’s a no-brainer for me. My biggest issue is that my wife keeps taking it to carry her own G48, leaving me high and dry. If you’re looking for a quality concealment option, give Harry’s Holsters a serious look.

MSRP Ranges from $77.95-97.75 depending on configuration as of this writing. You can get yours >>HERE<<

Author’s Note: Harry’s Holsters provided the Infiltrator for purposes of this review. No expectations of a positive review were provided by either party.

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