Kimber – SHOT Show Range Day 2024

Kimber SHOT Show Range Day 2024

As a revolver enthusiast, it may take some by surprise that I made Kimber my first stop on Range Day during SHOT Show 2024. Check out the details below on the K6XS revolver, and the KDS9C Rail pistol.

Kimber K6XS Revolver

I’ve been enamored with their K6 line of revolvers for years, but have no significant time on them. With the K6XS being released late last year, I was eager to get some trigger time. For those unfamiliar, this is a lightweight, snub nose, six shot revolver. Coming in at 15.9oz, you’ll be hard pressed to find a lighter revolver in .38 Special with that capacity. The gun is +P rated, but not equipped to handle magnum loads.

Kimber SHOT Show Range Day 2024
This little gun is a shooter, easily taking strong-hand-only shots on a hostage swinger at 7 yards

Sights are fixed, with the rear being integral to the frame, and the front featuring a high visibility orange dot. Despite overcast conditions, the sight picture was surprisingly crisp. As with all Kimber revolvers, the trigger is fantastic, and the action is incredibly smooth. I was able to put three cylinders through the gun, and was no worse for wear thanks to the Hogue grips.

The Kimber K6XS is available now. MSRP is $679

Kimber KDS9C Rail

This was my first time seeing a KDS9 in person, and I had the opportunity to put a few magazines through the gun. While not a 1911, fans of the type will find it familiar. The KDS9 is an aluminum frame, single action pistol chambered for 9×19. Double stack magazines feature 15 rounds when flush-fit, and 18 rounds with a slight extension, with one of each included  in the box. Barrels are match grade, and feature fluting and a recessed crown.

Kimber SHOT Show Range Day 2024
Grips are proprietary, but frame texturing was solid

Deviating from its’ 1911-esque image, there is no grip safety here, and the extractor is an external design. Southpaws are in luck, as the magazine release is reversible and the safety lever is fully ambidextrous. Every KDS9C Rail features an accessory rail, hence the name, allowing for lights, lasers, and other contraptions to be slapped on the dust cover. The guns are cut for optics using a plate system. Users will have to go through Kimber to pick up a plate of their preference.

I was very pleased with the KDS9C Rail during my very brief time with it. The gun feels comparable to other guns in the category, but with better looks in my opinion. Each round fired was a Barnes JHP load, which proved to feed flawlessly for the 15 or so shots I was provided. I’d be curious to see how the guns stand up long term, as my interest has been piqued.

MSRP on the KDS9C Rail is $1,903.

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