Forward Controls Design OPF-G RMR Plate Review [2023]

Disclaimer: The OPF-G was purchased by the author for the purposes of testing and evaluation.

Forward Control Design RMR Plate Featured Image

The OEM MOS optic plates for Glock are garbage. They are prone to breaking, cracking and warping. As such, if you want to put an optic on an MOS Glock, you should buy aftermarket to get a good plate. For me, that meant getting the OPF-G RMR plate from Forward Controls Design. I've been using this plate for the last 20 months, and I'd like to report my experience with it. How has it been?

What is the Forward Controls Design OPF-G?

Forward Controls Design (FCD) is a Texas-based company, that produces a ton of components for a wide range of guns. From muzzle devices, AR triggers, dust covers and more, the topic for today is the RMR plate that they sell for MOS Glocks.

Forward Control Design RMR Plate Top View
Top view of the OPF-G, with recoil bosses and loctite residue visible.

The OPF-G is a machined 4140 steel optic mounting plate, made to be used exclusively for Trijicon RMRs or the SRO. Designed to be much more durable, and to fully support the RMR, this is a beefy plate. It is also sold as a "fitted" part, meaning that it is not guaranteed to be totally drop in. Price runs $72.50 directly from FCD, which is where I bought my plate in Spring of 2022.

Glock Left Side
The Glock 17, with the OPF-G on it soon after receiving the plate.

I had the OPF-G on a Gen 5 Glock 17, and used it for the entirety of using said gun. The plate required no fitting to mount to the Glock, however the fit of the optic to the plate was tight. Now, this is an excellent thing, and I've had milled guns with looser optic fit than this plate. We've also got solid recoil bosses on the OPF-G, which aids in keeping the optic in place.

The OPF-G ships with the screws necessary for mounting the plate to the gun, and the optic to the plate. The website also has all of the specific information about the development, and torque specs for the plate. I won't list that info here, as FCD has it already done quite concisely. How well did the plate work for me?

Using the OPF-G

When mounting your RMR or SRO to the OPF-G, you don't need to use a sealer plate for the optic. However, I always have a sealer plate on there, so I continued doing so. During my time with the OPF-G, I used 3 different RMRs, with RM05/06/07 in particular. For each optic, I applied sufficient threadlocker to the screws, and torqued the optic/plate screws to proper torque before use.

Forward Control Design RMR Plate Right View

Well, I have zero negative things to report. The OPF-G never came loose from the gun, and my optics never worked themselves loose either. Compared to factory MOS plates, or even some other aftermarket plates, this one was certainly outstanding. The build quality is great, and the performance reflects that. I've shot my Glock 17 a ton from mid 2022 to the current time, with lots of classes, competitions, range trips, and daily use on the gun. Through all of it, the FCD plate worked fantastically.

I've got a playlist linked here, of all of the recorded shooting I've done with this Glock. At time of writing, that's 70 videos, but that's not taking into account all of the rounds that went unrecorded, or reciprocations of the slide by using the optic as a racking point. During my time with this Glock 17 (and by extension, OPF-G), I've got about 9500 rounds through the gun. The fact that the plate never worked itself loose is a testament to the good design and execution.

The Verdict

This is a short review, because the product is perfect. The OPF-G is, in my opinion, the best RMR/SRO plate for the Glock MOS cut. The fitment is excellent, build quality is amazing, and the performance was flawless. This plate supports the optic too, something that a lot of plates skimp on. If I end up with more MOS Glocks, you can damn well bet that FCD plates will be on them.

Forward Control Design RMR Plate Left View
As far as I'm concerned, the best MOS pattern plate that money can buy.

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