LAW Tactical Folder Install On An AR-15 | Mod Minute

Concealing your AR-15 is easier with a LAW Folder.

Being able to pack your AR-15 into a small space like the Tuff Products Sentinel Elite CARB Bag normally would require you to separate the upper and lower receiver. If you add a LAW Tactical folder to your rifle, it is a ton easier to deploy and reduces the rifle’s size.

We already covered the Sentinel Concepts CARB Bag a while back, you can watch that video HERE.

Links to the parts and tools used are below the embedded video. Check out our other Mod Minute posts.

Parts & Tools Used:

LAW Tactical Folder – Brownells Part # 100-015-850

Magpul AR-15/M16 Armorer’s Wrench – Brownells Part # 100-015-279

Magpul BEV Block  – Brownells Part # 100-015-280

Starrett Drive Punch Set – Brownells Part # 749-006-068

Brownells Oxpho-Blue 4 oz. Bottle – Brownells Part # 082-024-004

AR-15 Build & Red Dot:

Colt AR-15 14.5″ Complete Upper  – Brownells Part # 160-000-392

13″ Geissele MK 8 Super Modular Rail  – Brownells Part # 100-015-373

Silencerco ASR Flash Hider – Brownells Part # 100-400-077

Radian Raptor Charging Handle & Talon Safety – Brownells Part # 100-025-579

Bravo Company AR-15 Complete Lower – Brownells Part # 100-018-639

Geissele SSA Trigger – Brownells Part # 100-003-620

Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch – Brownells Part # 100-024-576

Aimpoint Comp M4S – Brownells Part # 100-003-734

Rifle Bag:

Tuff Products CARB Bag designed by Sentinel Concepts

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