Thrupack UL Wallet Review - Lightweight Bifold [2022]

Disclaimer: The Thrupack UL Wallet was purchased by the author.

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While I was buying my Summit Bum Classic DCF from Thrupack, I decided to try out their UL Wallet too. What is it, and is it worth your money?

What is the Thrupack UL Wallet?

The UL Wallet is a wallet (duh) made by Thrupack. Thrupack is a cottage industry lightweight gear maker, based out of Norfolk, Virginia. The UL is a simple bifold design, with two internal pockets for cards. It is made from the lightweight Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF), making this extra svelte.

The simple design leads to lightweight, with the UL coming in at 8 grams, or .28 ounces. That's nearly nothing. The UL is pretty inexpensive too, coming in at $22.99.

Thrupack UL Wallet Open
The simple design of the UL Wallet.

I know what you are thinking; "Why is he going into detail about a wallet?" Well, a wallet is something that people generally don't put much thought into. However, I do. It's something that you carry every day, and I think that you should pick one accordingly. There are a lot of elements that go into a wallet choice (at least for me).

  • Do you carry it in your front or back pocket?
  • How many cards do you plan to carry?
  • How much cash do you plan to carry?
  • What material do you want the wallet to be made from?

It's not a ton to ask, but it's what I think of before I choose a wallet. How did the UL perform for me?

My Experiences With the Thrupack UL Wallet

This may be heresy, but I keep my wallet in my front pocket. I hate sitting on anything, so I've been a front-pocketer most of my life. I also prefer a fabric material that is semi-breathable. In past years, I've tried leather wallets, but they seem to be a hotspot that collects sweat during the hot seasons. I also don't tend to carry a ton of cards or cash, so a smaller wallet suits my needs well.

I'm the prime candidate for the UL Wallet. It hits all of my bases, and leaves me wanting nothing more. I'm happy to report that the UL is holding up great too, with three months of use on it so far. The DCF material is light, creates no hotspot, and wears really well.

The capacity of the wallet is lower than I'm used to, but it is good enough. I find myself carrying about 6 plastic cards, and a handful of business cards. The UL holds them tightly, but not too tightly. Cash capacity is fine, but I've added a money clip to augment it, as I've been carrying a little more paper cash as of late.

Thrupack UL Wallet Money Clip
A nice way to augment the UL Wallet.

In the front pocket, the wallet fits well, and still allows space for my pocket knife to be clipped on. I haven't had anything fall out of the wallet when using it either, which is nice to have a slight level of security.

Overall, I'm really digging the UL Wallet.

Do I Recommend the Thrupack UL Wallet?

If you have similar desires in a wallet to me, I think you'd like the UL. It's svelte, it's comfortable, and it is made well. The price is reasonable, and it's made in the US by a small company. It really scratches my itch.

To me, a sign of quality gear is that it does not impede my ability. For a wallet, that means that it isn't cumbersome, and it holds the stuff I carry. The UL Wallet doesn't impede me, and for that, it is quality gear.

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