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Disclaimer: The Magpul MOE Stock was purchased at the cost of the author.

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What do white bread, vanilla ice cream, and the Magpul MOE stock all have in common? Well, they are all very, very basic. That’s not a bad thing though, because with many things in life, less can certainly be more. Is the Magpul MOE stock still worth a look in 2019?

What Is The Magpul MOE Stock?

If you are unfamiliar with the Magpul MOE stock, congrats on purchasing your first AR15. The MOE stock has been on the market over a decade, and is Magpul’s entry level buttstock. It is a lightweight stock at 8 ounces, and is made from the market dominating polymer that Magpul uses. The A-frame shape is there to create strength, and to be ergonomic. It has an adjustable length of pull and a rubber buttpad, and comes in an assortment of colors. Sling mounting locations on the MOE are few, but the ones present are serviceable.

Magpul MOE Sling Mounting Points
There aren’t a lot of places to mount your sling, but it gets the job done.

This is the basic evolution of the M4 stock. There are no QD points on the MOE. There is no secondary lock to increase stability. Storage compartments? Nope. Magpul has other  offerings that are feature laden, but the MOE is not. This was made to be used for shooting the gun, and mounting a sling, nothing more. MSRP reflects the features too, as it is fairly inexpensive at $39.95.

Is The Magpul MOE Stock Good?

There is a reason why the Magpul MOE stock has persisted all of these years; it works. It has become the golden standard in the world of buttstock. The Magpul MOE, the Glock 19, and the Toyota Corolla are all the benchmarks of their fields. When you weigh a purchase of a new stock, you have to ask yourself, “Is this better than an MOE?” This is the comparison cornerstone.

Sure, the MOE is lacking QD points, and wobbles a bit when you have it mounted to your buffer tube. Of course better stocks have come in the years since the MOE hit the market, but that is expected. Magpul has created a new MOE line, with new stocks made to “replace” the old MOE, but they still make the old MOE regardless. Many current manufacturers ship their rifles with Magpul MOE stocks on them as the OEM component, rather than a generic M4 stock. Why? Because the MOE made the M4 stock obsolete.

The MOE made the M4 stock irrelevant, as it is better in every way. More durable, more comfortable, better sling points, and better looking. Despite the lack of certain features, all the MOE had to do was to be better than the M4 stock.

Would I Recommend The Magpul MOE Stock?

Well, sort of. Despite my glowing praise for what the MOE has become, I still think that there are better options in the market. I previously reviewed the Magpul CTR, which is a product improved MOE. That has been my preferred stock for a number of years, and still is. The MOE is a great stock with some downsides, namely the lack of QD points and some buffer tube wobble, but if you already have one, there’s no reason to get rid of it. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy MOEs, but they are a fine replacement to any stock that is below its benchmark.

Magpul MOE Stock Mounted With Sling
If you’ve got the MOE, slap on your sling, and use it!

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