NEW Stance Micro Compact Pistol from Savage Arms

Savage Stance Pistol

Yesterday Savage Arms announced their return to the pistol market with the Stance micro 9mm. Check out the details below, or head over to Savage’s website for more information.

Savage Arms Introduces Stance, a Micro-Compact 9mm

Savage Arms Introduces Stance, a Micro-Compact 9mm

 – WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – Savage Arms is pleased to announce a new EDC handgun: Stance™. This micro-compact 9mm marks Savage’s return to concealed carry and self-defense and will be the first of a complete family of handguns built to the demanding standards of accuracy and reliability that have come to define Savage Arms.

“Since Savage was sold in July 2019, President and CEO Al Kasper publicly stated that Savage Arms would be a complete firearm company,” Robert Gates, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Savage Arms said. “Today, Savage is proud to announce its first step into what is the largest segment of the firearms market with the introduction of Stance, a micro compact 9mm pistol manufactured with premium materials, finishes, and features.”

“Stance is another momentous milestone for Savage,” Jessica Treglia, Sr. Brand Manager at Savage Arms added. “While this isn’t Savage’s first concealed carry pistol, and certainly not our first handgun, it has been more than a century since we focused on compact pistols purpose-built for every day carry. Stance is the first in a new series of handguns that will meet the accuracy and reliability standards that our customers expect, and a further demonstration of Savage’s commitment to build the best, most complete line of American made firearms.”

Stance utilizes a chassis as the serialized component of the pistol, which gives Savage the flexibility to offer a wide variety of grip frames that all feature aggressive stippling texture that wraps 360 degrees. Stance comes with two interchangeable back straps for small or large sized grips, both at the popular 18° angle, making Stance an intuitive and easy to control firearm.

• Includes (2) 18° interchangeable backstraps to adjust grip size
• Ambidextrous magazine release & slide catch
• Stippling grip texture for 360° secure fit with finger indexing
• Stainless steel slide with melonite finish for corrosion resistance
• Slide features a beveled front for easy holstering
• Ported, wide slide serrations for increased purchase
• Short, crisp trigger with short reset and wide, well-rounded face
• 3.2” stainless steel barrel
• Removable chassis for interchangeable grips
• Easy takedown with takedown lever, no trigger pull or tool needed for disassembly
• Snag free functional sights
• Ambidextrous manual safety & night sight models available
• Includes (2) magazines and hard case for protection
• Magazine capacity options range from 7, 8, or 10-rnd magazines available
• Package option includes Viridian® E-Series Red Laser

Part No. / Description / MSRP
67001 / STANCE MC9 BLK / $479
67003 / STANCE MC9 BLK NS / $548
67005 / STANCE MC9 FDE / $479
67007 / STANCE MC9 FDE NS / $548
67009 / STANCE MC9 GRY / $479
67011 / STANCE MC9 GRY NS / $548
67017 / STANCE MC9 BLK LZ / $561
67035 / STANCE MC9 BLK / $479
67037 / STANCE MC9 BLK NS / $548
67039 / STANCE MC9 FDE / $479
67041 / STANCE MC9 FDE NS / $548
67043 / STANCE MC9 GRY / $479
67045 / STANCE MC9 GRY NS / $548
67047 / STANCE MC9 BLK LZ / $561

Part No. / Description / MSRP (Manual Safety)
67000 / STANCE MC9MS BLK / $479
67002 / STANCE MC9MS BLK NS / $548
67004 / STANCE MC9MS FDE / $479
67006 / STANCE MC9MS FDE NS / $548
67008 / STANCE MC9MS GRY / $479
67010 / STANCE MC9MS GRY NS / $548
67016 / STANCE MC9MS BLK LZ / $561
67034 / STANCE MC9MS BLK / $479
67036 / STANCE MC9MS BLK NS / $548
67038 / STANCE MC9MS FDE / $479
67040 / STANCE MC9MS FDE NS / $548
67042 / STANCE MC9MS GRY / $479
67044 / STANCE MC9MS GRY NS / $548
67046 / STANCE MC9MS BLK LZ / $561

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  1. As its been noted elsewhere, this is just an updated/rebranded Honor Defense Honor Guard handgun. So either Savage bought-out Honor Defense or they are contacting with them for this.

    • Not surprising since it’s the spitting image of the Honor Guard. Curious if the improved the drop safety of the gun or not. Time will tell.

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