Range Day Wrap Up - SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show Range Day 2024

There's a lot to cover during Range Day of SHOT Show, and unfortunately I cannot get to everything in one day. Here's a wrap-up of other notable new releases I got a peak at during my brief time on the range.

Henry Repeating Arms - SHOT Show Range Day

Henry Repeating Arms made a splash for the second SHOT Show in a row this year. Coming out of left field is the Henry Lever Action Supreme. This is a lever-action rifle that feeds from standard AR-15 magazine, chambered in .223REM and .300BLK. The gun features a threaded and free-floated barrel, and is optics ready from the factory. Triggers are adjustable, and the lever has a fairly short throw.

SHOT Show Range Day 2024
The Henry Lever Action Supreme

This is a completely new design, with multiple patents putting the gun together. MSRP on the Henry Lever Action Supreme is expected to be between $1280-1300. Guns should be available by the end of Q1 this year.

Diamondback Firearms SDR

Diamondback Firearms is not a company I've been particularly interested in the past. A few days before SHOT Show, Diamondback managed to grab my attention.

As a certified revolver guy, I'm always at least mildly interested when a new wheelgun is announced. Diamondback did just that with their SDR. Despite some initial hesitations, I made my way to their booth during range day to see the SDR for myself, and I was pleasantly surprised.

SHOT Show Range Day 2024
The Diamondback SDR

The Diamondback SDR is a six shot, snub nose, .357 Magnum revolver. Stand-out features include a quick-detach cylinder to aid in cleaning (caliber conversions are on the table), a push button cylinder release, and a nice trigger. The SDR is compatible with some J-Frame holsters, along with J-Frame grips to ease accessory purchases. Interestingly, their rear sight dovetail is the same as a Glock, though the company won't go as far as calling it compatible with Glock sights.

Range Time

I was given six rounds to fire out of the SDR, so my first impressions are very limited. That said, I was impressed with the gun. Fit and finish is solid, at least on par with modern Colt offerings in my short time. The trigger was excellent, smooth and consistent, making double-action shots easy. The booth rep touted their light weight, coming in at only 21.2 ounces despite being chambered for .357 Magnum. While I'm unsure of how that'd handle a full diet of full power ammunition, it's perfectly reasonable for someone like me who'd only feed the gun .38 Special.

MSRP on the Diamondback SDR is $777. Check back here for updates, as the SDR is firmly on my radar.

Savage Renegauge Security - SHOT Show Range Day

A few years ago I touched on the Savage Renegauge when it was first shown. Since then, Savage has come out with the Security variant, aimed at defensive or tactical applications. This isn't a new release for 2024, but it was the first time I got my hands on the gun.

Shot SHow Range Day 2024
The Savage Renegauge Security alongside other Savage offerings

The Renegauge Security is a twelve gauge, semiautomatic shotgun featuring a three-inch chamber. Taking cues from popular aftermarket offerings, the gun comes standard with some impressive features. The stock allows for adjustable length of pull, along with comb height to fit the gun to the shooter. Sights are fully adjustable ghost rights, with a high visibility front sight. The receiver is tapped for optics, allowing for red dots, and more.

I fired a handful of rounds on the shotgun range, taking 5/5 clays thrown for me. As someone who hasn't shot a flying target in nearly a decade, and using what many would consider a sub-optimal gun for the task, I was pretty happy. As with the original Renegauge, recoil is minimal thanks to a proprietary gas system.

Savage, I want to do a long-term review on this gun. Someone get one of these in my hands for 2024.

Holosun RAID

Holosun had their new weapon mounted light (WML) on display on the range. Unfortunately this is a daylight-hours event, so I cannot speak much to output or performance outside of numbers. The Holosun RAID features 80,000 candela with 1,000 lumens, powered by a single 18350 battery. Switching is done via a small button on the tail, which offers momentary and constant on. The light body is fairly slim, coming close to some older Surefire Scout profiles.

Holosun RAID SHOT Show 2024 Range Day
The Holosun RAID next to the new IRIS infrared device

MSRP is $180 on the Holosun RAID. Expect it to hit the streets in Q2 of this year.

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