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The Strike Industries JCOMP GEN2 is a re-engineered update to the Type 89 compensator. The Japanese military has been using the Type 89 rifle since 1989. Based on the AR180 design, it featured a unique muzzle device, made to reduce recoil.

Strike Industries has modified this compensator to better reduce muzzle rise and felt the recoil. How well did it work for me?

The Lowdown

Cracking open the little Strike Industries box, you'll find the JCOMP and a new crush washer. The compensator is parkerized and uses the industry standard thread pitch of 1/2"x28. Installation of the JCOMP has some of the same problems of the SI Venom; the flats on the sides of the muzzle device are not sized for a standard AR armorer's wrench. With a padded adjustable wrench, I torqued the compensator onto my AR, and properly timed the ports.

Old school, updated.

Once the compensator is on the rifle, I can't help but take in the looks. I can see why this is a popular device, as it is quite attractive. Strike Industries just has an eye for making things look neat, with futuristic flair. It looks pretty nice, but how well does it perform?

Where To Buy It

Strike Industries JCOMP GEN2 for .223/5.56 - $34.95 at Palmetto State Armory

Strike Industries JCOMP GEN2 for .223/5.56 - $34.95 at Optics Planet (Plus 5% off with code RACK5)

All prices are current at the time of publication. Please click the link to see the most up to date pricing.

Range Tales

The JCOMP GEN2 was tested on my 10.3" AR pistol. Previously, this rifle was wearing an A2 Birdcage. Generally, the Birdcage does a decent job at reducing muzzle flash, and a slight reduction in sound. Comparing the Birdcage to the JCOMP GEN2 is like comparing a gentle breeze to a category 4 hurricane. It is much louder and generates much more pressure than the standard Birdcage, but it's a compensator. The trade-off for increased noise and muzzle pressure is greatly reduced recoil, and thus, faster follow up shots.

Although I generally prefer flash hiders, the performance of this comp is hard to compete with. I spent most of my time with JCOMP GEN2 doing the Mozambique Failure and the Baer Solutions Standards drills. While using the compensator, my split times, and overall par times dropped a little. Although the time gained wasn't massive, every little time advantage matters.

The JCOMP GEN2 has a parkerized finish, which wore a little over the 300 round test. The wear spots were on the flats, which, as far as I can tell, were caused via the use of the Oppressor device. This is not something that bothers me, as I rattle can my guns, and the compensator's price is low enough that wear doesn't bother me.

I've already made the joke, but the JCOMP GEN2 is really loud and generates a lot of pressure and concussive blast. If you plan on shooting this next to your shooting buddies, they will quickly begin to hate you. I let another shooter at the range give the gun a try, and as the shooter, the concussion isn't that noticeable. However, as someone next to the shooter, it was impressive, as in, leaving an impression. Luckily, Strike Industries makes a product to mitigate this, the Oppressor, which works very well to redirect the muzzle concussion when shooting near others. Is this a deal breaker for me?

The Final Tally

The Strike Industries JCOMP GEN2 works really well at doing the things that it is advertised to do. It mitigates felt recoil, allowing for quicker follow-up shots. It looks cool too, which isn't necessary but is really nice. The concussion is heavy, but the trade-offs are good. I'm still a flash hider man, but I understand the place of a great recoil control device. If you are looking for a relatively low cost, attractive compensator, the JCOMP GEN2 is right up your alley.

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Author Note: The Strike Industries JCOMP GEN2 was provided by Strike Industries for Test & Evaluation.

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