New TorkMag Magdapt 1911 Available for Pre-Order

magdapt 1911

TorkMag, known for their innovative magazines and conversion kits, announced a new product today, the Magdapt 1911.

The Magdapt 1911 is the first conversion kit to allow shooters to use 1911 magazines in their AR15, finally bringing John Browning and Eugene Stoner’s greatest designs together. The kits are available in both .45ACP and 10mm, allowing users to choose between STOPPING POWAH and Best MM. Users will have to supply their own magazines, and should expect to see improved performance with higher end offerings.

In addition to the magazine conversion, Torkmag is also packaging a purpose built upper receiver in the Magdapt 1911 kit. Uppers come in both 8″ pistol and 16″ rifle variants. The combination of 1911 feed ramps in the upper receiver with 1911 magazines ensures modern levels of reliability.

Torkmag is offering discounts for those that preorder the Magdapt 1911. Expect products to start shipping by January 2020.

You can find the Torkmag Magdapt 1911 >>HERE<<


Torkmag Magdapt 1911 Press Release

LAS VEGAS, NV, Sept. 2019 – TWO WORLD WARS MEETS MODERN WARFARE: 1911 owners are officially
in the AR15 pistol-caliber carbine game!

The TorkMag Magdapt 1911 magazine well adapter for standard AR15 lowers is available for preorder at in 10mm and .45ACP flavors, packaged with purpose-built AR1911 uppers.
Customized feed ramps on the barrel and adapter provide the unique geometry necessary for reliability
with 1911 magazines in the AR platform.

“For years, 1911 fans have been totally shut out of the biggest carbine trend in the industry,” said Jarret
Mock, TorkMag’s president. “Whether you’re plinking on the back forty or shooting PCC competitions in
a restricted capacity division or jurisdiction, the Magdapt 1911 is what you’ve been waiting for.”

The Magdapt 1911 attaches to a standard AR15 lower’s magazine well in seconds and features its own
AR-style magazine release button. A speed-loading cutout on the left side of the adapter body makes for
rapid reloads. From running the reliable and plentiful .45ACP to turbocharging the 10mm in a 16” barrel,
the power is finally in the 1911 community’s hands.

Shipping December-January.
$674.95 MSRP ($599.95 preorder) – Magdapt 1911 & Complete Upper (8 or 16” bbl) w/ PCC Buffer

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