STI Announces 8 New Pistols for 2020

New STI Guns

STI Firearms revealed eight new pistols for the Staccato lineup on their Instagram late last night. Several new handguns were unveiled, along with updates to the Staccato P and C models. Some variants include double stack and optics ready versions of Staccato C, the 5.4 inch barrel Staccato XL, and the Staccato XC with its integral muzzle brake.

Pricing and release dates have not yet been announced. STI also has not updated their website to reflect the new models, nor the removal of the DVC line. Stay tuned into Firearm Rack for updates as new information is released! You can see the announcement from STI below, and check out their post >>HERE<<

STI Press Release

Sti 2011 is proud to introduce the 2020 product lineup!
#1 the staccato XL,double stack ,steel frame ,5.4in barrel available in 9mm or 40 cal

#2 staccato R steel frame, single stack,5 inch bushing barrel available in 9mm or 45acp

#3 staccato p now with a 4.4inch
barrel available only in 9mm

#4 staccato p duo now with a 4.4 inch barrel

#5 staccato C2, our ever so popular staccato c now comes in a double stack! Aluminum frame 3.9inch
barrel chambered in 9mm

#6 staccato c2 duo. Oh yes! You can put a dot on this!
#7 staccato c duo. You all asked for it so here it is! Mount your favorite pistol mounted red dot on the aluminum frame staccato c!

#8 you all loved the Omni so here it is in staccato form! The staccato XC!

Make sure to visit us at shot show and check out all the new hotness!

For folks not wanting to drop money on a pistol from STI, there’s a solution. Check out the Rock Island Armory Tac Ultra HC series for budget minded 2011 style pistols.

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