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The Strike Industries Oppressor is a blast redirector designed to help you not piss off your range buddies. Muzzle brakes and compensators have lots of concussion, and the goal of the Oppressor is to reduce this by redirecting the blast forwards rather than to the sides. With an eye towards lowering dust signature and not aggravating those near you at the range, how well does the Oppressor work?

The Strike Industries Oppressor First Impressions

The SI Oppressor is a big device. Coming in at nine and a half ounces, this is one big boy. It has to be big, however, as it locks into place over your current SI muzzle device. The Oppressor also has to handle the blast of gasses being directed to the sides by your muzzle device.

Slide the back end of the Strike Industries Oppressor over your current muzzle device, and twist it into the “lock” position. Once in place, the front half ratchets down and locks it onto your compatible Strike Industries muzzle device.

There is a rubber gasket in between the front and rear of the device, which I found to allow for easier removal even when there is a ton of carbon in your rifle unlike some other QD attachments on the market.

Removing the blast diverting Strike Industries Oppressor device is a mirror of how you install it on your rifle. Simply ratchet the front half off, push in the bottom and twist to release the Oppressor from your muzzle device.

Where To Buy The Strike Industries Oppressor

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Installing The Strike Industries Oppressor

Although entirely subjective, I love how the Oppressor looks. (Editor note: Looking cool is important according to Papa Garand Thumb)

If I had to describe it as an analogy, it reminds me of a fat, buff bouncer at a biker club. It just looks mean, man.

The Oppressor was designed by computer modeling, creating contours based on airflow from muzzle blast. The angles, ports, and contours are sharp and technical in appearance, with a futuristic look. Additionally, the black nitride looks great holding up well during the testing period.

One chunky device.

Shooting the Strike Industries Oppressor

The Oppressor is meant to both be a linear brake, and to mitigate felt pressure from the muzzle brake of compensator on the gun. Did it work?

I tested the Oppressor on two different guns, with two different Strike Industries muzzle devices. My first testbed was a 16 inch AR with the SI Venom Flash Hider, and the second was a 10.3 inch AR with the SI JCOMP Gen2. After putting 300 round downrange, I would say that I have a good feel for how the Oppressor performs.

On the 16 inch gun, the Oppressor did not add anything positive to the rifle. The Venom normally mitigates muzzle flash, without excessive concussion. However, with the Oppressor, there was more sound, muzzle flash, and felt recoil. If you have one of the “dedicated” flash hiders from SI, I would not advise use of the Oppressor.

On the 10.3 inch gun, the Oppressor made a massive difference. With the JCOMP Gen2 being much more of a compensator, the Oppressor did as advertised. The concussion of the comp was redirected forward, and the recoil impulse was directed straight rearward.

Were there any downsides? Well, the Oppressor caused my AR to fling a huge fireball forward. Due to the short barrel, and subsequent unburnt powder, these flames were comically large. Of course, due to the design of the oppressor, they kept a constant forward throw. Consequently, I’d prefer not to have a breath of flame out of my gun, however, for some, this may be an upside.

Mmm, unburnt powder.

Is the Strike Industries Oppressor Good?

The Oppressor is a polarizing device. It is bad on some guns, and great on others. Are you shooting in an indoor range, or in extremely close proximity to other shooters and have a Strike Industries muzzle device? Well, the Oppressor will make them hate you less. If you’ve got one of the flash hiders from SI on your gun, this probably won’t get your engine going. Like many gun accessories, the Oppressor is also very good at some things, and not so great at others.

The Strike Industries Oppressor was provided by Strike Industries for Test & Evaluation.

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  1. Thanks for the honest opinion!
    I just got my first ar platform firearm (223 Wilde, 1:8 twist) and it already has the standard birdcage flash guard.
    I have already ordered the Triple Crown for Strike Industries and was wondering about the addition of the Opprssor.
    Incidentially, I have already installed Strike Industries’ take down pins, magazine release. And bolt catch.
    Great products!
    Thanks again,

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