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The Super Test is a combination of a few drills, into one big drill. I briefly covered the Super Test back in 2018, but I wanted to give this drill some full coverage.

What is the Super Test?

The Super Test is quite simple, as it combines two versions of The Test, with a third string of fire. If you've shot Tests before, this drill should feel very familiar.

We've got three strings of fire, from three distances, with three different par times. We're essentially shooting three Tests, with our par time matching the distance. We shoot at 15 yards, with a 15 second par, then 10 yards with a 10 second par, and finish up at 5 yards with a 5 second par. Round count is 10 rounds per string of fire, so 30 rounds total.

Our target is the standard B-8 repair center, and we're shooting from low ready. Scoring is simple, with 270 points being the minimum passing score. You can shoot all 30 rounds on the same B-8, however, I prefer shooting 3 different targets, as to better see my hits. This is a pretty dead nuts simple drill.

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This drill is combining a Half Test (5 yard distance, 5 second par), a Test (10 yard, 10 second par), and now a 15 yard Test, with 15 second par.

What's the TL;DR?

The Quick Rundown


  • Targets: NRA B-8.
  • Distance: 15 yards, then 10 yards, then 5 yards.
  • Start Position: Low ready, gun loaded to at least 10 rounds.
  • Round Count & Strings of fire: 30 rounds total, with 3 strings of 10 rounds of fire.
  • Par Time: 15 seconds at 15 yards, 10 seconds at 10 yards, and 5 seconds at 5 yards.
  • Passing Score: Combined total score of 270/300 is passing.
  • Course of Fire: Shooter begins with gun loaded, held at low ready. On beep, shooter fires 10 rounds into the B-8 target. Shooter is to do this at all three distances (15/10/5 yards). OPTIONAL: Shooter may shoot 3 B-8 targets to make counting scoring easier.

Here's an example of a recent Super Test I shot:

What Skills Does the Super Test Stress?

The Super Test stresses the following skills:

  • Good sight/dot alignment
  • Proper trigger press
  • Solid grip
  • A very tight accuracy standard
  • Distance specific firing cadence

While one of the higher round count drills that we've covered, the Super Test is a great drill for building skills. Much like the standard Test, we're stressing the 3 fundamentals of handgun shooting. Our grip, sight/optic alignment, and trigger press need to be on point for this drill. At 15 yards, we've got to make sure that each trigger press is good, as poor presses at that distance will lead to worse effect on target. At 5 yards, we can slap the trigger a little more, as we've got to shoot faster. However, our grip needs to be strong at all distances, and we've gotta get the proper firing solution with our sights.

Alluding to it above, this drill stresses firing cadence. With drills that only have you shooting from a single distance, you can just hone your firing cadence. However, we've got to use our par times to our advantage. At 15 yards, we have the ability to slow down a little bit, and take the time to get good, precise hits. Moving up to 10 yards, we have to shoot faster, but at that distance, getting our hits will be easier. At 5 yards, we've got to be dumping rounds to pass the par, but we're so close that our hits are going to be good if we maintain grip and a decent sight picture. Cadence is one of those important skills that many people don't focus on. Distance dictates the time we have to take shots, and this drill stresses that.

What I Like About the Super Test

The Test is one of my favorite drills, and the Super Test is a Test, with extra close and long range Tests. Needless to say, I love it. When it comes to handgun shooting, getting better and better is just mastering the fundamentals. This drill stresses the fundamentals, while also working on firing cadence, which are extremely important to beat into ourselves.

I love shooting B-8s, as the black scoring zones are roughly the size of the high thoracic cavity, and "T-Zone" of the head. While not an anatomical target, the B-8 offers a tight accuracy standard, while still being a target that can be easily found, or printed.

RMR Sight Picture
Getting out to practice is key at building and maintaining skill!

The only thing I don't love about the Super Test is the round count. 30 rounds is a big ask for a single drill, however, I think it is a great drill to shoot every so often. I'm out shooting about twice a week, but the Super Test is only a once or twice a month drill for me. We can chop the round count down to 5 rounds per distance, for 15 rounds total. Dan and Ally have done this version of the modified Super Test, and I think it can be a great way of extending your ammunition supply.

I'd heartily recommend the Super Test to most competent shooters. It is an advanced drill, and I'd recommend getting familiar with the normal Test prior to shooting this variant.

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Here's another example of a Super Test I shot recently:

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