Why the Glock 48 is Popular with Women

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For the first time in my life I am considering purchasing a handgun. I have received a lot of recommendations for the Glock 48 from both my husband and others. As I’ve begun doing my own research on the G48, I’ve noticed its overwhelming popularity among women. After looking at reviews by other lady writers, there are five common reasons it is so highly praised.

I read reviews from the NRA Women, The Well Armed Woman, and The Women’s Outdoor News, each of their reviews are listed below and are my main sources of information. Additionally I watched Armed and Styled’s video describing how she came to carry the Glock 48.

Why is the Glock 48 Popular with Women?

Glocks are Reliable

Glocks are famously reliable handguns and have been for decades. They are durable and accurate, which has resulted in them being chosen by the majority of law enforcement in the United States, along with militaries around the world. Glocks are also incredibly reliable for home and personal defense. They have a proven track record among users, and draw new and seasoned gun users alike. Because of these reasons, Glocks are often a popular choice when choosing a firearm.


10+1 rounds is great for conceal carry. The magazine carries 10 rounds plus the one you should be carrying in the chamber. Why is magazine capacity important? Looking at FBI, DEA, and Rangemaster statistics, the average bad guy needs 5 rounds to cease being a threat. Nearly 50% of all violent crimes involved multiple attackers in 2019 and 2020, which is a growing trend. This means that 10 rounds should be our minimum requirement for magazine capacity. Shield Arms makes a flush fit magazine which holds 15 rounds. Additionally, Shield Arms also makes an extension to their magazines that hold an additional five rounds for a total of 20 rounds. The ability to carry more rounds could be the difference between winning the fight and dying.

Compact Size Grip

The Glock 48 is thinner than the Glock 19. The G19 is another popular gun among Glock users, and is considered the standard for both conceal carrying and duty use. Many women report the G48 feels better in their hands. This is due to the reduced grip circumference, as a result of the single stack magazine. Allowing those with smaller hands to get a better purchase on the grip. This improves recoil control, and makes the guns’ controls easier to reach.

Glock 48
Melody Lauer shooting her custom G48 during a demo at the Armed Parent/Guardian


Many women report that the Glock 48 is of a reasonable size to conceal. Again, the G48 is slightly thinner than the G19, which also contributes to its concealability. Regardless, everybody and every body is different and therefore different positioning may be necessary to reduce printing. I highly recommend checking out Armed and Styled on Instagram for helpful tips and tricks.


Last, but not least, each of the reviews I have read included that they enjoyed shooting the G48. A reliable gun with controls you can easily reach (if you have small hands and fingers like me) will make for a fun time shooting. With a barrel length similar to the G19, there is minimal recoil. Unlike what you would experience with a shorter barreled gun, like the G43x. Having a firearm that you enjoy shooting will increase the likelihood of you going to the range to practice. Practice is crucial, especially if you plan to use it for self-defense. Additionally, you will learn more quickly if you are more focused on a pleasant experience than on a negative one.


While it would be false to say “the Glock 48 is the best gun for women”, it is a highly popular choice for the aforementioned reasons. To quote Annie Oakley, “the best gun is the gun that best fits the shooter”. The rationale these women considered leading to the decision to either carry or positively review the Glock 48 are all things to consider when choosing a conceal carry/EDC handgun. According to Tom Givens, “A pistol is your emergency life saving equipment. As such, it must be reliable, in an effective caliber, wearable (concealable in this case), and user friendly”. Find something reliable, with good capacity. Something that is concealable, and that is enjoyable for you to shoot.


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