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Image of Radical Firearms RF15 for Rory the Warrior
Radical Firearms RF15 for Rory the Warrior

Radical Firearms just announced that they reached their latest milestone in supporting military charities and first responders.

To date, they have given 300 Texas-built weapons directly to agencies, Police Officer Associations, charitable funds for officers in need, first responder benefits, and individual officers who are not issued a rifle. These LEOs and agencies hail from many different states, working a wide variety of assignments – but especially patrol.

Other donatees include such veteran-supporting organizations as Wishes For Warriors and Veterans Helping Veterans, the “Ryan the Warrior” effort to support underfunded fire departments, Bikes and Bugs (benefiting the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas), Texas Adaptive Aquatics, the Texas Frog Fest/Lone Survivor Foundation, and other local charities.

Image of Radical Firearms RF15 for Wishes for Warriors
Radical Firearms RF15 for Wishes for Warriors

Radical Firearms hopes to increase this number to 300 by the Spring of 2019. They ask responsible gun owners will join us in lauding all firearm and tactical equipment manufacturers who support local first responders, veterans, and other worthwhile causes.

Radical Firearms: American Manufacturing. Texas Proud.

Radical Firearms is a Title II NFA gun Manufacturer with an exclusive lineup of pistols, rifles, silencers, and machine guns. They are a true manufacturer, not an assembly shop, with a fully tooled modern machining facility producing numerous components for complete rifle and pistol builds, upper assemblies, and components for their diverse OEM customers. Their knowledgeable and skilled employees provide the highest quality craftsmanship. Many of their employees are veterans and very passionate and take pride in their work producing American made rifles and pistols.

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