5 Items You Should Have in Your Car (2015)

In order to make the amount of time I spend in and around my truck more comfortable, I keep a few items tucked in the storage compartments to help me handle whatever situation might arise while I am trudging about. This may eventually require a part two. However, here is my pick for five items you probably should have in your vehicle.

Tactical Pen

I didn’t include paper because it seems there is always something to write on in my truck, be it a receipt, some junk mail, or a sheet of paper. Few items are as useful as a good pen. Mine seems to come in handy more often than I might think. I reach for my pen when jotting down directions, take notes during an unexpected and important call, even exchanging insurance information after a minor fender bender. Having a pen tucked in your glove box takes up near zero space so there is no reason not to have one of these lifesavers in your car. Make it a tactical pen and you are ready for anything.

Survival Blanket

With winter fast approaching the possibility of being stuck in cold weather is growing; there are few things more terrible than being cold. A space-saving survival blanket can make an unfortunate event much more comfortable while using a minimal amount of space. Another added benefit of the survival blanket is that it can double as a shelter in a pinch with the addition of a bit or cordage. With the cost of a survival blanket being around $6, it makes for a no-brainer, add-on item when placing an order for some ammo or maybe even a new stock.

First Aid Kit

Cuts and scrapes are a fact of life. Often, I am at the range and wind up scraping skin or cutting myself when loading something in the bed of the truck. My small first aid kit has come in handy many times, making me glad that I keep it well stocked. Most of the vehicle-sized first aid kits are under $20—making them a great value and much cheaper than a trip to urgent care for an infected wound. A first aid kit is also great for those with kids. We all know they are experts in banging themselves up, and you better be prepared to play Dr. Dad or Mom at a moments notice.


A flashlight is a must-have. Period. If you have tried to change a flat tire at night on a remote highway without a good source of light you know exactly why this is necessary. A small and bright flashlight can shed some light on whatever problem might be at hand making it much easier to tackle. There are several great options, but my choice will be the Streamlight Microstream because it uses the common AAA batteries. Not all of us want to spend the money on CR123A batteries making the AAA-powered light a solid choice for under $20.

Multi-Tool with File

A multi-tool such as the Leatherman can almost serve as an entire toolbox in a pinch. Not only do most of these multi-tools have a knife and pliers, some models include a file—an underestimated tool. The priciest item on this list is worth spending a bit more cash to ensure you get a great one. My choice here is the Leatherman Wave with 18 tools. Being able to pack 18 tools into a small package that holds tools including a saw, file, pliers, two knives, scissors, and screwdrivers made of high-quality steel—made in the USA—is an easy choice. Priced at under $100, it is a bit more than the other items, but when you need a tool like this, only quality will do.

This post originally was run on The Shooter’s Log – http://blog.cheaperthandirt.com/5-items-car/


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