Knifemaker Repurposes AR15 Barrel Into A Knife

Bob Kramer of Kramer Knives, a respected knifemaker with decades of experience, repurposed an AR barrel into a knife because he claims it’s a better use of an AR-15. Kramer posted a short video of the knife on his Instagram account on May 8th. The video has received more than thirty-five thousand views as of now.

We reached out to Kramer and asked him why he chose to use an AR-15 barrel as a medium for making the knife. His terse response was, “because it’s cool.” Kramer declined to comment beyond what’s contained in his Instagram post:

Found a better use for me for an AR15. Melted the barrel, added the right stuff to make it harden-able, forged and folded while thinking about how we can make schools safer for our kids. Ebony sheath and pillow style handle with 18k gold pins. Available on our next auction, Peace.

When asked if the auction proceeds would be donated to a charity or used to fund a cause, Kramer said he hadn’t decided what to do with the money.

Knifemaker Matt Helm shared some thoughts on the knife in a conversation about the post.

It would have been a cool project if he’d left the gun control part off, but no, let’s swerve WAY outside our lane! Oh well, hippies need knives too…until their short-sighted policy trajectory results in them being banned.

Just prior to us talking to Helm, he commented on Kramer’s post on Instagram:

In a strange twist of fate, pandering, uninformed craftsman turns tool SOMETIMES used in crime into a tool ROUTINELY used in crime. People with common sense and a basic knowledge of crime statistics and gun law efficacy bemused as craftsman marginalizes himself.

What do you think about the apparent political posturing of a talented bladesmith?

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