Archon Type B: SHOT Show 2019 Range Day

One of my first stops at the 2019 SHOT Show Range Day was the Archon booth. My goal was to get my hands on the 9mm Archon Type B, so I could give my impressions on the pistol.

Archon Type B Impressions

The first thing that caught my eye about the Type B was the look. There's no getting around it, the look is rather unique. The slide is lower profile, with the aim of decreasing muzzle rise, which was fairly minimal while shooting.

The frame texturing, and the slide serrations were the next things that I noticed. Frame texturing is a unique, bi-directional grid-like pattern. I like a gun with texturing that really locks into the hand, and the Type B is packing that. Slide serrations are featured both behind and in front of the ejection port, and are cut sharply enough to provide purchase on the slide without hurting your hands.

I shot a magazine through the least expensive of the Type B offerings. Wearing a black rear sight, and fiber optic front,  the Type B was quite pleasant, and easy to shoot.  The trigger was smooth and crisp making the gun quite a joy to shoot. Although I was not able to take it apart, I was told that the unique barrel lockup is a big part to the shootability of the pistol. Follow up shots were fast with the Type B.

The German made Archon Type B that I shot is sold with 4 fifteen-round magazines, and the black rear/fiber front sight with an MSRP of $849.95. I'd like to get more time on the gun, as my first impression of the Type B is favorable.

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