ATF Denied Form 1 | All Lawful Purposes Not Good Enough?

News of a couple ATF denied Form 1s has come out on Reddit. The denial was reported by user gollemsheppard earlier today in the r/NFA subreddit.

The explanation listed on his form? Listing “All lawful purposes” was deemed insufficient by the ATF agent reviewing the submission. The ATF agent identified in the denial note carries the initials of JWH, at this time no one has identified the agent’s name.

The ATF is refunding the two $200 tax stamps as a result of their decision to deny the Form 1s.

Gollemsheppard E-Filed two SBR stamps, one for an 11.5″ SBR in 5.56 NATO, the other for a 7.5″ .300 Blackout SBR. He also stated that another reason for the denials was the serial number on one of his lower receivers. Apparently, the ATF saw “S/N xxxxxxx” as a mistake even though he included a letter stating that is what was stamped on the receiver.

It appears that this isn’t the first time that agent “JWH” has denied a form for “all lawful purposes” as the reason. Gollemsheppard has uncovered at least four other ATF Denied Form 1 submissions that have been denied for the same reason.

The crazy part about all of this? Gollemsheppard says that all he got was an email stating the forms were denied. The email had a PDF attachment where the remarks in red was the only reason given. They didn’t even include a letter as to why “all lawful purposes” was insufficient.

Keep up to date with the outcome of the ATF denied Form 1 in the Reddit thread found HERE.

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