G17 Torkmag Glock Magazine

G17 Torkmag Glock Magazine

Torkmag is a maker of parts and accessories for both Glock and AR style firearms. Their magazines are known for featuring higher than average capacity for their size. As an avid pistol shooter, I was very curious about the G17 magazine.


The "extension" part of the G17 Torkmag is proprietary to the magazine. The only thing keeping the base plate attached is friction and the two small locking tabs on the sides of the magazine. This is unlike most Glock baseplates or extensions which frequently use plungers or screws for retention. In order to remove the base plate, simply squeeze the sides of the magazine and press the plate off. Reverse the process for mounting.

As a complete magazine, this process should only be done when cleaning. The magazine comes completely assembled.


G17 TorkMag Dimensions

The G17 Torkmag features the same dimensions as an OEM 17 round magazine paired with a +2 extension. Magazines are compatible with ambidextrous magazine releases found in gen4 and 5 Glocks. There are two witness holes, one at 10 rounds and another at 20 rounds to check capacity. Being entirely polymer in construction, the G17 Torkmag is extremely lightweight, coming in at only 1.8oz empty. It is possible to fit 21 rounds into the magazine, so be sure to keep track when loading mags.

G17 Torkmag
The additional cutout in the rear of the Torkmag is for use with their conversion kits

Of note, G17 Torkmags are compatible with Torkmag's Magdapt 17 conversion kits. When using OEM magazines, users must modify them for functionality with this conversion. This choice will cut out some labor on the shooter's end when using that combination.



Before being trusted on my belt all magazine extensions and aftermarket magazines endure a drop test. Parameters are simple. Each magazine is fully loaded, then dropped five times onto concrete from shoulder height. Mags are dropped straight down onto the base plate as though falling from a firing pistol. After five consecutive drops, the G17Torkmag showed no noticeable damage, inside or out.

For roughly half of 2019 the G17 Torkmag rode on my belt and range bag. It saw action at Shooter Symposium and virtually every range trip during that time. Approximately 600 rounds have been cycled through this magazine at the time of this writing. Virtually all rounds fired have been Blazer Brass 115gr FMJ. Guns have been a G19, and a G17 using a Brownells slide paired with a Brownells barrel and Trijicon RMR.

The G17 Torkmag has been mostly reliable throughout testing. Stoppage wise, I've seen two failures to go into battery using this magazine in my G17. In short, this magazine gums up very quickly. If dropped in dirt and sand, or firing more than a few magazines, function is noticeably sluggish. The follower begins to have a delay in feeding not present in OEM magazines, which I believe will lead to stoppages. In a similar time frame the G17 Torkmag also develops problems with dropping free from the gun. I consistently needed to physically strip the magazine from the pistol during my reloads.

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Disassembling the magazine, then cleaning both the outside and internals helps to remedy the above problems. However, additional drops or firing quickly brings these issues back to the surface. Out of every magazine I own, this is the only one that requires regular cleaning.

Final Thoughts on the G17 Torkmag

Overall the G17 Torkmag falls short. An additional round and lighter weight is attractive, its performance isn't up to snuff. While I only experienced two malfunctions in testing, the continually slowing feeding shakes my confidence in its ability to hang with the competition. The design is interesting however. I'd like to see these magazines again, in a more refined form.

Magazines have an MSRP of $19.95. If you're interested in picking up a G17 Torkmag, check out their site >>HERE<<

Author's Note: This magazine was purchased out of pocket at full retail price. I maintain a personal relationship with the crew over at Torkmag, but this does not impact my evaluation of their products.

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