Geissele Super Duty | SHOT Show 2019 Range Day

Geissele Automatics is a household name in the gun industry. They've been creating quality AR15 components and knives for years, but a new product is here. The Geissele Super Duty series of rifles is new for SHOT Show 2019, and I was able to try them at Range Day.

Geissele Super Duty At SHOT Show Range Day 2019

I had the opportunity to shoot two of the Super Duty rifles at Range Day 2019. One was the 14.5" Super Duty, and one was the 10.3" SBR.

14.5" Geissele Super Duty Rifle

This was my first time on the new MK16 rail, and it is really comfortable. The rail is low profile, and is easier to wrap the hand around. The B5 SOPMOD stock is pretty industry standard, (and pretty rad), and the A2 grip was fine. Furniture is something that everyone swaps to fit their tastes, but those are good enough.

The SSA-X Lightning Bow was great. The trigger is a two stage, roughly 4 pound pull, flat faced trigger. The shape of the trigger is based off of the design used in Geissele's Tavor trigger. It was a dream to use. Good gear is stuff that you don't have to think about using while you use it, and the SSA-X is definitely that.

 SSA-X Lightning Bow Trigger, with a small, "big G", on there.

The controls on the gun were also on point. The Maritime Bolt Catch that our Pennsylvania boys make is great, and has been a standard on many a built rifle. I didn't separate the upper and lower, but there is a Super 42 buffer spring hiding the in receiver extension. This is my personal favorite buffer spring, and seeing it in the gun is great. It makes the gun shoot softer, and gets rid of the "twang" spring noise that seems to bother people so much.

Although not an optic overview, the Vortex that was mounted to a gun seems like a great fit for this size of gun. On the windy & chilly Boulder City day, making hits was easy, as all of the components and I worked together.

The 10.3" Geissele Super Duty SBR

The Geissele Super Duty in 10.3" variety was also great. The MK16 rail here is the shorter one, but is just as great as the longer offering. Part for part, this gun is the same as the previous 14.5", barring the sighting system, and length of rail and barrel.

The iron sights on the gun are Geissele's new fixed sights, which I used for aiming the rifle. They were nice and tight, and still easy to make hits with, despite the weather.

MSRP for the Super Duty line is has not been announced as of publishing of this article.

I'm very, very hyped up for the Super Duty line of Geissele guns. They shot well, and use quality components. The Geissele URG-I has sold fairly well, and I think that the Super Duty will too, but only time will tell.

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