LEAKED: Shield EZ 9mm from Smith & Wesson

Updated 11DEC2019 with data from Smith & Wesson's official release. 

An anonymous source revealed to Firearm Rack that Smith & Wesson is releasing a new version of their extremely popular Shield EZ, this time in 9mm NATO. Smith and Wesson Shield EZ 9mm

Two Shield EZ 9mm models are currently in production, one with a manual safety, and one without. Both versions are set to be released on 12 December 2020, with stores already having them in stock. Capacity is 8 rounds in a single stack magazine. The gun ships with two magazines. Our source tells us the guns are similar in looks, with the 9mm being slightly larger and heavier, coming in around 24 ounces.

Will this be a contender to the compact single stack 9mm throne? I'm curious to see how the EZ compares to my current favorite, the Glock 48.

Both versions of the EZ are set to be released on 12 December 2020, with stores already having them in stock. MSRP is $479.

Keep an eye out for updates from us as more information comes out on the Smith & Wesson Shield EZ 9mm! Check out the product page from Smith & Wesson HERE

Smith and Wesson Shield EZ 9mm

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  1. This is all fine, the Shield EZ in .380 took off, perhaps one in 9 will too. But when is S&W going to make the M&P 2.0 on 10MM? THIS WILL SELL! Omg, if and when S&W makes the M&P 10, they will be surprised at how many people like the platform in 9, 357, 40, 45...now do it....DO IT!

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