Legislation to Watch – H.R.6110 – Defective Firearms Protection Act

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As gun owners we tend to pay attention to direct attacks on our Second Amendment rights. Those seeking to limit our rights know this. For that reason, we have to watch for legislation that seems innocuous but will, in fact, be incredibly damaging. Take House Resolution 6110 for example.


House Resolution 6110 – Defective Firearms Protection Act was introduced March 5, 2020 by Representative Debbie Dingell from Michigan’s 12th District. It does not currently have any co-sponsors. The bill is assigned to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The bill’s stated purpose is to “amend the consumer product safety laws to repeal of exclusion of pistols, revolvers, and other firearms from the definition of consumer product under such laws.”. The purpose of the bill seems unclear, especially with what appears to be some poor grammar or typos. (Reminder – the bill’s authors/sponsors write the purpose statement and we share them verbatim).

What It Does

HR6110 is an incredibly short bill consisting of just 97 words. If passed, the bill would strike a specific section of the consumer product safety law. Striking the section would remove the exclusion of pistols, revolvers, and other firearms from the definition of consumer product under those laws. This change will allow the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to have jurisdiction over firearms. The CPSC currently does not hold this authority.

Why You Should Care

Under current US code, firearms are not considered consumer products. That means that they do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The CPSC has a noble mission; to keep American consumers safe from dangerous and defective products. However, anti gun-rights groups are looking to subvert the Commission’s purpose. Potentially to use it to bypass the legislative process through HR6110.

It is no secret that anti-Second Amendment groups believe that firearms should be banned as inherently unsafe. If passed, HR6110 would give power to the CPSC to regulate guns. This could allow anti-gun rights groups to push for the Commission to determine firearms are unsafe, resulting in bans. Remember, CPSC is the same group that banned yard darts for being dangerous after several children received injuries while playing.

Handing over power to regulate a Constitutional right to a non-elected body is a slippery slope. While the legislature isn’t always gun friendly, everyone has a say on any piece of legislation. There are few options when it comes to fighting a decision made by the Consumer Product Safety Council. Reach out to your Representatives and let them know you oppose HR6110. If you need help, refer to our guide to Second Amendment Advocacy.

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