Magpul K2 Grip Review: A Girthy AR Grip For T-Rex Arms

Disclaimer: The K2 Grip was purchased at the cost of the author. 

Magpul K2 Grip Review Title Image
The venerable Magpul K2 Grip, a bigger PDW grip for bigger hands.

Some parts that you can modify on the AR platform can have very specific purposes. Short guns and long guns both use different components to accomplish separate tasks, but can there be overlap? The Magpul K2 grip was made to be a more multipurpose grip than its brother, the K grip. What happens when you take the PDW-centric K, and make it more multipurpose while maintaining its uniqueness? Well, you get the Magpul K2.

I will say that it isn't a secret that I am a fan of Magpul products. In the past, I have reviewed the Magpul CTR stock and I have Magpul products on many of my ARs. That doesn't change the fact that they make really great gear. So great that even Geissele has Magpul furniture on their upcoming Geissele Super Duty rifles launched at SHOT 2019.

What Is The Magpul K2 Grip?

The concept of the Magpul K2 Grip is simple; take the K Grip, make it wider, add a beavertail, and feature a storage compartment in the bottom. That's pretty much the whole shebang here.

Magpul's K2 comes in at 2.9 ounces and has a seventeen-degree grip angle. This is slightly steeper than the K's twenty-degree angle, but not by a huge margin. The K2 is a little thicker than the K, (1.2 inches and 1 inch respectively) but not by much. I compared the K Grip to a single stack handgun, and the K2 is similar to a 1.5 stack handgun in thickness. Meatier, but not too wide.

Magpul K2 Grip Texture
The K2 maintains the same texture pattern as the K Grip, which is excellent.

The K2 grip's texturing is the "Trapizoidal Surface Projections", the same as the K Grip. I loved these on the K, and I love them on the K2. The beavertail allows for a slightly higher grip on the gun, not unlike the K Grip. However, the beavertail covers the exposed receiver section that the K leaves bare, which is good. Some lower quality receivers can occasionally have imperfections here, so the beavertail is a welcome addition.

The storage compartment in the K2 Grip is the same as what the entire MOE line uses, so all of the swappable inserts can work in it. I'd recommend spare batteries for your WML, or Skittles.

Magpul K2 Grip Compartment
The K2's grip plug removed, showing the interior compartment.

The K2 is pretty similar to the K Grip, but does it earn the same praise as its smaller brother?

Is The Magpul K2 Grip Good?

The things that I liked about the K are almost all present on the K2. Without sounding like a broken record, the aggressive texture, grip angle, and the thinness all allow for greater driving of the gun. You can still get lots of finger on the trigger for faster follow up shots, and the grip won't tear up your gear or clothes. The added beavertail and storage space are nice, but not something that I found to be lacking with the K grip.

This might sound milquetoast, but if you want to like the K Grip, but it is too small, this is your answer. It is a fantastic grip, but comparing the Magpul K2 grip to the K is like comparing Grannie Smith apples to Green apples.

Would I Recommend The Magpul K2 Grip?

I would highly recommend the Magpul K2 Grip. While the K Grip is still the king of my grip pile, the K2 is a runner up. It excels in the same areas as the Magpul K grip, while offering some more features, and general accessibility. This grip will be better for most people than the K, but I leave that preference up to you to decide.

The Magpul K2 Grip Not For You?

If you are looking for the “right” grip for your AR, maybe we’ve reviewed it!

Learn more about the Magpul K2 grip on the Magpul website. The grip carries an MSRP of $20.95.

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