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The DeSantis SOF-TUCK is a leather conceal carry holster with versatility in mind. It offers multiple ways to position the gun on the body, at a price to fit any budget.

DeSantis SOF Tuck

The majority of the SOF-TUCK is suede, with the mouth being reinforced saddle leather. While the area around the trigger guard is flimsy suede, the rigid mouth above prevents the trigger guard portion from folding in on itself. Stout stitching throughout the holster reflects a higher level of detail than commonly found in this price range.

It is possible for the SOF-TUCK to be compressed from the top and bottom, creating a significant opening for things to enter the trigger guard. This shouldn't be an issue while carrying, but something to be aware of.

DeSantis SOF Tuck

The SOF-TUCK makes no provisions for enlarged sights. Those using taller than factory irons may need to look elsewhere for their carry needs.

Where To Find The Desantis SOF-TUCK

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The DeSantis SOF-TUCK can be worn appendix, cross draw, or small of the back. Its single belt clip rotates to facilitate placement on the body, and offers 3 adjustments for ride height. The belt clip is attached to the holster via reinforced saddle leather but has little support from the underlying suede. This allows the SOF-TUCK to lean back and forth, making consistency difficult if not impossible.

The SOF-TUCK offers easy access to the gun, presenting no issues in obtaining a positive firing grip.

DeSantis SOF Tuck
Not specifically listed as compatible with railed 1911's, both my Operator and the Rock Island Armory Tac Ultra FS HC fit, though rather snugly.

The J-Hook style clip attaches to the bottom of the belt, making it lower profile and potentially tuckable. The hook is so small that it cannot grab my Magpul Tejas belt on its own, requiring me to squeeze the belt in place. The weight of a gun causes the holster to sag in the pants, pulling it away from the belt--essentially making its bottom attaching clip useless. Luckily the clip also uses friction to attach to the pants, helping to keep it on the wearer. While the SOF-TUCK stays attached to my waistband during the draw, I wouldn't rely solely on friction to keep the holster in place.

Bottom Line

MSRP on the DeSantis SOF-TUCK is $33.99, and it retails for roughly the same. For a competitive option, I prefer the Galco Stow-In-Go. That being said, the SOF-TUCK offers more versatility regarding carry positions and features a higher level of craftsmanship. With a better mounting solution, the SOF-TUCK would be a clear winner. For a budget holster, the DeSantis SOF-TUCK is a solid choice.

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The Desantis SOF-TUCK was purchased by the author at full fare.

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