Railscales HTP Review: Gucci Covers For Less?

Disclamer: The Railscales HTP were purchased at the cost of the author.  

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Why do we bolt things onto our guns? Generally, it is to enhance both the gun’s capabilities and ours’. A weapon mounted light lets you identify threats, a sling provides weapon retention, and an optic facilitates fast and accurate hits. Well, rail covers prevent you from burning your hands. Not the most glamorous job on the gun, but the Railscales HTP aims to change that.

What Is The Railscales HTP?

The Railscales HTP is an M-LOK rail cover made by the Oklahoma based Railscales LLC. These are textured rail covers that use the M-LOK T-Nut mounting method, rather than a press fit.

HTP stands for “High-Temperature Polymer”, as these covers are made from the aforementioned material. The M-LOK screws and nuts are made from 416 stainless steel, great for adverse environments. Railscales also produces a G10 fiberglass version of the Railscale, but that is a much different (and more expensive) product.

The Railscales cover 2.5 M-LOK sections and sit proud when attached. They sit about twice as high from the rail, in comparison to the BCM Rail covers I’ve previously reviewed. Some distance for the hand to be from the hot rail is something I’m not going to complain about.

The Railscales HTP comes in 5 texture patterns, along with a multitude of colors. I chose the “Matrix” pattern in Olive Drab green. These have a simple job, but do they perform it well?

Are The Railscales HTP Good?

Railscales HTP
Railscales HTP mounted to my test gun.

Texturing is something that I tend to harp on. I like aggressive texturing on almost everything gun related. My handgun frames, pistol grips, and slide serrations are best when extra grippy. The Railscales HTP are very, very well textured. Whether with gloves or bare hands, the Railscales provided excellent grip, to get a solid clamp on the gun.

While testing out the excellent KE Arms SLT-2, I shot a lot of rounds through my testing gun. The Aero upper that I use has a rail that is a very slim profile, closely contouring the barrel. To say it got hot is an understatement. If the Railscales weren’t on the gun, I would’ve needed to put some gloves on. They provided an excellent protective barrier from the heat, without sacrificing grip on the rail.

It’s almost needless to state, but the Railscales HTP are really, really attractive. Function is number one on the list, but looking good is a close second. The HTPs make the gun it’s attached to get roughly 14% more attractive, although our scientists here at The Firearm Rack are still crunching the exact numbers.

Would I Recommend The Railscales HTP?

This is a very easy recommendation for me. The Railscales HTP work very well and look good to boot. They are a cheap upgrade at just under 30 bucks and are made by a very cool, very small US company. As much as I liked the BCM Rail covers, moving forwards I’m only going to be buying the Railscales.

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