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"TorkMag-35 AR Magazine"

Innovative Design & Higher Capacity

The TorkMag-35 is an AR magazine that sets itself apart from the competition with radical design, and high capacity. This magazine brings a lot to the table, but are there any drawbacks?

The Lowdown

The TorkMag-35 is a 35 round AR magazine, as the name entails. Externally, it looks like a standard magazine, but the internals are very different. I won't go into too much detail, but the TorkMag uses two springs, which allow for more rounds in the mag, but maintains reliability. TorkMag Inc. states that the springs should last a very long time, with the forward clock spring lasting upwards of 250,000 rounds. That is impressive.

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When discussing capacity, we've got to cover size. The TorkMag is the same width front to back, and side to side as a Magpul PMAG, and is only about half an inch taller. Again, I think that this is really impressive. Five extra rounds for half an inch longer magazine is a trade that I'm willing to take.

TorkMag-35 next to a Generation 2 Magpul PMAG

Texturing on the TorkMag is almost perfect. The sides of the magazine are smooth, but the front and back have horizontal texturing. It is grippy, but won't tear up your fingers. The baseplate is widened to make extracting the magazine easier from pouches, and it serves this function well. The magazine's outside features are useful, without being overly complex. I love the minimalism of the exterior.

Range Tales

If the magazine is not reliable, all of my praise means nothing. However, the magazine was 100% reliable during my entire testing period. My TorkMag was used in two different guns, over about 700 rounds, without a single hiccup or issue. My range conditions are fairly dry, with lots of sand, gravel, and what I affectionately call "moon dust". Anything that hits the deck gets dusty and dirty, and the TorkMag went to the ground pretty much every time that it was removed from a gun.

During the testing period, I tried out different bullet weights, as in the past, I've run into certain mags that didn't like certain loads. The TorkMag did not care. 55gr, 62gr, 69gr, and 75gr rounds all fed perfectly.

The TorkMag was easy to lock into place in the lower receiver, even with a closed bolt. The bolt locked back each time the TorkMag ran dry. Even though we ran it hard, the magazine dropped free almost every time that it ran dry. It only became a little sluggish once my magwell, and the magazine were covered in moon dust.

My TorkMag enjoying some time in the dirt

The Final Tally

I'm in love with the TorkMag. It works fantastically and provides more ammo for not a whole lot more space. The design is interesting, and the form factor is attractive. I've got a feeling that more TorkMags are going to be causing me pain in my wallet.

The TorkMag 35 Carries an MSRP of $16.75 and is available on the TorkMag website.

The TorkMag-35 was purchased at the expense of the author.

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