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Real Ideal Gear Podcast 3.12.2024

Hello there valued readers of Primer Peak! I'll be joining Mr. Tim Johnson of Real Ideal Gear for a podcast tomorrow, March 12th. It'll be starting at 6PM MST, and will run for about an hour and a half. If you can't make it, it'll be uploaded as a video once the livestream ends.


We'll be beginning the show with covering viewer submitted photos, and EDC shots. If you'd like to send in photos for the show, email Tim at:

Once we clear through that section, we'll be moving into two separate topics. We'll be covering the value of microbrand watches, and then pivoting into talking about IFAK basics.

Islander Port Jefferson GMT 2 (Real Ideal Gear Livestream)
The Islander Watch Port Jeff GMT is a fine example of a microbrand watch.

Who is Tim Johnson?

Tim started doing YouTube back in early 2023, and has had a ton of channel growth during that period. While most of his channel content is based around watches, he's got a lot of experience with outdoor gear, EDC gear, and firearms. I found Tim via a video he did on "Law Enforcement Style Watches", which got me thinking a little differently about watches.

Tim has a background in education, law enforcement, and general outdoorsman activities, so he's got experience with a lot of the gear that he discusses. In the watch media world, there's often a disconnect between actual use and just recording footage, so it's refreshing to see folks like Tim out there.

If you decide to pop into the livestream, thank you! Viewer interaction is the backbone to any good livestream, so we're happy to see it.

Further Reading & Patreon Link

We're talking watches and medical supplies, so check out some articles we've written about those topics:

If you'd like to support me on Patreon, I've got the link for that here. Nearly everything that I do on Primer Peak is paid for out of my own pocket, and my content is not shilled or driven by manufacturers or companies. If you decide to donate, I'd really appreciate it, as it would allow for me to continue to bring you quality work.

About Paul Whaley 192 Articles
Paul Whaley is a guy with an interest in practical and defensive pistol shooting techniques with an eye for quality gear. He has received training from Holistic Solutions Group, John Johnston of Citizens Defense Research, Darryl Bolke, Cecil Birch, and Chuck Haggard. When not trying to become a better shooter, he can be found enjoying a Resident Evil game or listening to Warren Zevon. If you want to follow his wristwatch content, you can find him on

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