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Last year I had the opportunity to review Strike Industries’ Viper hand guards and really found them to be a solid value for the money. Now that the Viper stock from Strike is shipping, I was given the chance to review the matching stock. Now to be fair I have become a bit of a sucker for Strike Industries’ product line, there is just something about a company that provides a quality product at a reasonable price makes me gravitate towards their parts.

The folks over at Strike sent me a Viper stock in black and flat dark earth for review, when they arrived on my doorstep if found two stocks that were exactly as I would expect from Strike. From a quick go over the Viper seems to be a wonderful value if you are looking for a stock in the sub $50 range.

The stock’s aesthetics are a perfect match for the Viper handguards from Strike that I previously mentioned. When I am not testing products I normally run a good sling on my rifles so the QD port that SI included as well as provisions for threading a sling directly into the stock is something I really appreciate. While the stock does not have some sort of lock the latch did provide a reasonably tight lockup in whatever position I chose. If you compare the Viper stock to the Magpul MOE stock another $10 buys you a QD port and a slightly nicer overall finish, not a bad trade-off. The only downside I found was that the Viper stock will only work on Mil-Spec buffer tubes, maybe Strike will rectify that in the future with a commercial version of the stock.

The Mega Fins free float handguard works well with the Viper stock, but as much as I can appreciate aesthetics, how the stock feels when shooting is the important part.

My friend Bryan got the chance to take some shots with the rifle with the Viper stock equipped and liked it quite a lot. If you have facial hair like Bryan or myself you are probably well aware that some stocks will trap your facial hair between the stock and buffer tube. While I am sure it is possible on the Viper neither one of us experienced any discomfort, the extra 1/2″ of length on the Viper may have something to do with that.     

After spending a few days at the range with the Viper stock I have to say I am rather pleased with the stock. Features like the large latch, the QD port, and the extra length make it a solid option if you have a mil-spec buffer tube and are looking for an upgrade around the $50 range.

You can learn more about the Viper stock on the Strike Industries web site by clicking here. The MSRP of the Viper stock as tested is $49.95 for the version with the black QD mount and $50.95 for the Redline stock with a red QD mount.

You can find the Strike Industries Viper stock at Brownells:

Black Viper stock –

FDE Viper stock –

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