Shannon Watts Wants To Regulate The Ruger Precision Rimfire?

Shannon Watts wants to regulate the Ruger Precision Rimfire, a bolt action .22lr designed for target shooting, to shooters over the age of 21 years old based on a Tweet she sent out on March 2nd.

Sadly it seems that "common sense" gun control doesn't actually involve common sense but seems to be deeply rooted in ignorance and an unwillingness to learn about the subject matter they are so very vocal about. If you scroll through her Twitter feed you see that it is littered with slanted information that only tells some of the story. As you might expect, the story they tell is one that conveniently supports Moms Demand Action.

Using a "scary" looking gun because it has particular features to evoke an emotion is pathetic. If she had spent some time poking around the internet she could have made her case far more convincingly, but instead looked like a total fool because she is too good to do research and apparently makes decisions on emotion alone.

I personally detest this type of half-truth telling and welcome BOTH SIDES to report the facts so that the American people can make their mind up with good information.

What selective reporting really chaps your ass? I want to hear about it.

Hat tip to Bush Cunt

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