Shield Arms Glock Magazine Extensions

Shield Arms Glock Magazine Extension

In recent months, anyone talking about Shield Arms is likely asking about their 15 round Glock 48 magazines. Luckily, the company is not a one trick pony. Offering magazine extensions, high end parts, and complete firearms, Shield Arms is an established player in the firearms market. Curious if their products perform as well as they look, I grabbed a Glock +5 extension to put to the test.

Mounting the Shield Arms Magazine Extensions

Mounting the Shield Arms extension is a little more complex than most, however they do have some advantages.

To begin, disassemble your OEM Glock magazine and remove the follower from the spring. Transfer the follower onto the Shield Arms extended power spring.

Use the included tool to remove the screw in the floor plate of the extension and remove the floor plate itself. Now use the tool to lower the locking tab. Next, slide the extension onto the magazine from front to back then insert the spring and follower. Raise the locking tab to prevent the magazine from backing off of the extension. Compress the magazine spring and slide the extension floor plate into the extension. Finally insert the floor plate retention screw and tighten.

This may seem like a complex method of installation, but it is actually fairly intuitive. Having a floor plate separate from the extension allows for easy maintenance of springs and followers without removing the entire extension. Overall this is one of the more complicated extensions to attach, but it has some unique function.



The Shield Arms Glock magazine extension is on the slim side size wise. Edges are rounded and nicely dehorned. A large groove can be found on the sides to help provide a positive purchase during reloads. The finish is smooth with a matte coloration; not as slick as Taran Tactical or Dawson Precision extensions, but no texturing.

Shield Arms Glock Magazine Extension

Top edges are beveled for use with flared magwells. Coming in at 4.3oz, the Shield Arms magazine extensions are on the heavier side despite being one of the more trim options. Capacity gets a +5 boost in 9mm, with length staying within USPSA requirements.



Before being trusted on my belt all magazine extensions endure a drop test. Parameters are simple. Each magazine is fully loaded, then dropped five times onto concrete from shoulder height. Mags are dropped straight down onto the extension as though falling from a firing pistol. During the third impact the extension pops off of the magazine. Once reattached, the remaining two drops result in no noticeable damage aside from a few small scuffs.Shield Arms Glock Magazine Extension

The Shield Arms extension was one of my primary magazines throughout 2019 and early 2020. It saw use in regular range time, USPSA, Shooter Symposium, Rangemaster Instructor Development Course, and Citizen’s Defense Research Handgun Tests & Standards. The extension has endured all sorts of weather and environmental conditions from pouring rain to blazing heat and sand. Throughout firing I have never experienced a malfunction or stoppage using this extension outside that noted in drop testing. The mounting screws have stayed tightly in place, and the magazine falls freely when more severely angled as well.


Final Thoughts on Shield Arms Magazine Extensions

Overall the Shield Arms +5 Glock magazine extension has been awesome. Function is excellent, with form that follows suit. While mounting require tools, which isn’t ideal, it is fairly simple and straightforward. If you’re looking for a magazine extension for carry or competition, these are an excellent choice.

MSRP on the Shield Arms +5 Glock magazine extension is $39.99. This includes an enhanced power spring for reliability. Shield Arms also makes extensions for CZ, SIG Sauer, and other firearms. Shooters have a choice of several colors, including premium prices for options such as Multicam Black, M81 Woodland and some ‘Merica patterns. You can find them for sale >>HERE<<

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