Smith & Wesson - SHOT Show 2024

Smith & Wesson SHOT Show 2024

One of my first stops during SHOT Show was the Smith & Wesson booth. This year they have quite a bit out that is catching my eye, and I think there's something for everyone.

1854 Lever Action Rifle - SHOT Show 2024

The biggest shock from S&W is the release of a lever action rifle. Going by "1854", the line is a callback to one of their earliest designs in the Volcanic pistol and rifles. The 1854 is a .44 Magnum rifle, largely based on the Marlin 1895 series of guns. As such, stocks, forends, sights, and more are compatible between the two. The 19.25" barrel is topped off with ghost ring sight featuring a brass front bead, along with a picatinny accessory rail. The removable magazine tube holds nine rounds of .44 Magnum, and can be loaded via a gate on the receiver or by opening an endcap on the tube.

Smith & Wesson SHOT Show 2024
Rounds can be quickly and safely unloaded from the front of the magazine tube

S&W opted for a modernized flat and serrated trigger on the 1854. This is contained in an enlarged loop, that has just under 90 degrees of travel. Interestingly, there are MLOK sections at 3/6/9 o'clock on the forend. The action is impressively smooth while still feeling sturdy. Currently S&W is only releasing the gun in .44 Magnum, but there are plans for a .357 Magnum variant on the horizon.

Smith & Wesson SHOT Show 2024
MLOK slots allow easy mounting of accessories

The 1854 has an MSRP of $1279, and is expected to be available by early February. There is also a limited edition blued and wood variant that comes in at $3499.

Smith & Wesson SD9 2.0

The SD9 line of pistols has never been hugely popular, but it's a staple in the budget gun market. For 2024, Smith & Wesson is modernizing the gun, bringing it a 2.0 line of its own. Updates include more aggressive grip texture, similar to the M&P line and an improved trigger. Slide serrations are also updated, and capacity sits at 16+1.

Smith & Wesson SHOT Show 2024
The SD9 2.0

The SD9 2.0 has an MSRP of $299 and is available now.

Other Notes

The Smith & Wesson Response is an AR-style pistol caliber carbine that hit the market last year. While not widely publized, the gun features interchangeable magazine wells, allowing the use of Glock magazines. While not currently available, S&W is preparing to release a conversion kit to allow the use of SIG Sauer P320 magazines with the Response. No timeline was given, but expect them later this year.

In an unfortunate update, it sounds like S&W is planning on dropping support for .30 Super Carry. There were no details, and the representative didn't want to make an official announcement, but the lack of market interest is finally coming home. If you want to see 30SC survive, start making your moves. Buy guns and ammunition, write to the manufacturers, and more.

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