NEW 30 Super Carry Handgun Caliber

30 super carry ammo

Today we came across information about a yet-to-be announced handgun caliber, the 30 Super Carry. Details are scarce at this time, but here's what we know so far.

30 Super Carry Support Network

Currently there are several manufacturers supporting the new caliber to include Speer, Federal, and Remington. For defensive ammunition, shooters have their choice of 115gr Speer Gold Dot, or Federal HST, and Remington HTP in 100gr loadings. Full metal jacket choices include Federal American Eagle and Remington UMC in 100gr loads, or Speer's Blazer Brass in 115gr loadings. Cases are straight walled from promotional images. Rumors say we should expect roughly 1,200FPS on average from 30 Super Carry. Pricing currently stands at $31-32 for a 50 round box of FMJ. Prices vary a little more with JHP; for a 20 round box, expect to pay $27 for Remington HTP, $36 for Gold Dot, and $37 for HST. You can check out the details of each >>HERE<<

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Cartridge cases are straight walled from promotional images. This is a benefit in my opinion, allowing for greater capacity thanks to the reduced diameter of the round.

30 Super Carry Specs

New material from Federal has given us more insight into the performance of 30 Super Carry. Currently Federal lists their 100gr HST loading as providing 1250FPS, along with 347FT-LBS of energy, falling just 17FT-LBS short of their 124gr 9mm loading. The same 100gr load is claimed to gain roughly 15.5 inches of penetration with .530 inches of expansion in ballistics gel with a heavy clothing barrier. This exceeds Federal's quoted number of 14.5 inches of penetration for the previously mentioned 9mm HST.

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Promotional material shows 30 Super Carry providing an additional two rounds over 9x19 for an equally sized magazine.

New 30 Super Carry Guns

A new caliber means new guns to support it. Currently there are two models we're aware of chambered for 30 Super Carry, both being variations of the Smith & Wesson Shield EZ. For details on these, check out their dedicated article >>HERE<<.

**UPDATE: Since intitial publishing, we've become aware of additional guns to be released in 30 Super Carry. These include the Nighthawk Custom President and GRP 1911's, along with the M&P Shield Plus from Smith & Wesson.

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  1. So ammo cost is twice what 9mm is right now my area. 14 to 16 dollars per 50 rounds of ball 9mm ammo.
    You quote 28 -32 for low end 5.7. And I get maby 2 extra rounds compared to 9mm. Don't see it. The only 5.7 I will by so far is the P 90 carbine.

    • This article was written nearly two years ago. Ammunition prices change frequently, and nowhere in the article do I mention 5.7x28. This article is about 30 Super Carry, which is significantly different than 5.7.

  2. DUDE, primers have only been hard to get for about 18 months. The COVID pandemic is just now reaching 2 years old. Do you have any idea what the design cycle time is for something like this? I'm sure the effort started well before the ammo/primer shortage. It may fail, and for the reasons you mentioned, but nobody could foresee the current situation just 2 years ago. If they could have the worst of it could probably have been headed off and avoided. Monday morning quarterbacking is easy. Hindsight is always 20/20. If you are so prescient, tell us all wha the next big thing will be.

  3. This is an exciting development to be sure. As a retired police officer, I know that with the smaller hands we see today along with the increased numbers of assailants this cartridge will have much to offer for personal protection, especially with proper training and the right kind of projectiles. Gary Paul Johnston, Athlon Outdoors.

  4. I'm prepared to heavily invest in this cartridge and complain about the price per round just like I already do with .300 Blackout.

  5. This is extremely based and redpilled.
    32 acp has needed this makeover for decades.

    Dick Hertz is just being a player hater plebeian that is too smooth brain to comprehend the greatness of .30 caliber

  6. Yes, I am absolutely sure that during the worst ammo shortage since the Second World War, when already none of the manufacturers can keep up with the demand for ammo or components in calibers you've actually heard of, this is a wise and appropriate use of scarce small pistol primers that have been unobtainable at any price for two and a half years. Do you suppose it'll be as successful as .300 Remington Ultra Mag, the Winchester Short Action Ultra Magnum calibres, .45 GAP, or all the .17 caliber rimfires? I am absolutely certain that tooling up to introduce new calibers nobody asked for and nobody wanted during the middle of a shortage will work out well for everyone, like it always does. I am absolutely certain that this little visit from the Good Idea Fairy won't be a forgotten embarrassment, quietly discontinued in a year or two. I am absolutely certain that it isn't headed for the Island of Misfit Toys along with 357 SIG and .32 H&R Magnum.

    I am absolutely certain that what the US market really, really wants right now is a defensive and duty handgun cartridge even less powerful than 9mm, when 9mm, even with the most modern ammunition, is the absolute bottom rung caliber suited for the purpose, the absolute minimum that is effective for self-defense. Absolutely. I am absolutely certain that stopping production and tooling up to produce handguns in the new caliber at a time when the manufacturers already couldn't meet demand is going to work out well for everything.

    Hooray S&W. Hooray Federal. Maybe next they can resurrect 28 Gauge for home defense shotguns. I'm sure that'll go over well too. Can't you just see it now? Maybe Howa will tool up to make the old S&W 3000 for them again.

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