NEW 30 Super Carry Shield EZ from Smith & Wesson

smith & Wesson Shield EZ 30 Super Carry

Today we learned of two new pistols in the Shield EZ line from Smith & Wesson. What sets these two new models apart? Simple, they're in a brand new caliber, the 30 Super Carry. What is 30 Super Carry? Check out our article on the new caliber >>HERE<< for more information.

The new Shield EZ remains largely unchanged from previous iterations aside from the new caliber. Shooters still have the option of choosing a manual safety lever, or omitting it, this being the reason why two new models have been introduced. A benefit of the reduced diameter rounds is an increase in capacity, up to 10+1 rounds of 30 Super Carry fit in the gun, opposed to 8+1 of 9x19 or 380ACP. Interestingly, the external extractor seems to have gone away in favor of a new component, elsewhere on the gun.  MSRP is $521 on the gun, though street prices are likely to be lower.

smith & Wesson Shield EZ 30 Super Carry

30 Super Carry Smith & Wesson Shield EZ Details

Smith & Wesson is excited to introduce ytheir S&W® Shield™ EZ® in a new caliber! Offering the Shield EZ chambered in Federal® 30 Super Carry™ the Shield EZ pistol features an 10+1 round capacity and a 3.675” barrel, ships with two 10 round magazines that feature a load assist tab for quick, easy loading, as well as a picatinny-style equipment rail to accommodate accessories. The pistol also features an optimal M&P pistol 18-degree grip angle for a natural point of aim, white-dot front and adjustable white-dot rear sights, and a light, crisp trigger!

Smith & Wesson Shield EZ Chambered in 30 Super Carry.

  • Easy to rack slide.
  • Crisp, light trigger with tactile and audible reset.
  • Includes 2 easy-to-load magazines.
  • Grip safety.
  • Magazine offers 10+1 round capacity.
  • Windage adjustable, White Dot Rear Sight.
  • Disassembles without pulling trigger.
  • Grip texture optimized to size and recoil.
  • Tactile Loaded Chamber Indicator (TLCI).
  • Picatinny-Style Rail.
  • Perfect size for nightstand, carry or a day at the range.
  • Reversible magazine release.
  • Optimal 18-degree grip angle for natural point of aim.
  • Armornite® – Durable, Corrosion Resistant Finish.
  • Backed by Smith & Wesson’s Lifetime Service Policy
More Information
  • Safety: Thumb and Grip Safety
  • Chamber Length: 0 in.
  • Frame Finish: Black
  • Front Sight: White Dot
  • Rear Sight: 2 Dot
  • Grips: Aggressive Texture
  • Finish: Black
  • Firing System: Internal Hammer
  • Frame Material: Polymer
  • Trigger: Tactile & Audible Reset
  • Magazine Type: Double Stack Magazine
  • Barrel Configuration: Single
  • Rifled Barrel: Yes
  • Minimum Pull Length: 0 in.

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