Zeta6 Dry-Fire Training Disk - SHOT Show 2024

Zeta6 Dry-Fire Training Disk SHOT Show 2024

I stopped by the Zeta6 booth during SHOT Show after hearing about their collaboration with my friend Retention Ring. While there, I found out about a new product from Zeta6. Check out the details below.

Who is Zeta6?

If you're not familiar with Zeta6, they make a wide variety of loading devices for revolvers. Some of these are inline strips, others hold rounds for half and full loads of the cylinder. While I haven't reviewed their products yet, I did get some samples during SHOT, and will be working with them in the coming year. Expect full reviews in the next few months.

Dry-Fire Training Disk from Zeta6 - SHOT Show 2024

One product that instantly caught my eye was the Dry-Fire Training Disk. As the name implies, this is a disk made to aid with your dry practice. If you're like me, you have some older revolvers in your collection. Sometimes dry practice on an empty cylinder can hurt these guns, especially as the repetitions rise in number. Snap caps are the typical solution to this, but I know some people have difficulty separating those from live ammunition.

Zeta6 Dry-Fire Training Disk SHOT Show 2024

The Dry-Fire Training Disk alleviates that problem. This rubber disk fits into the cylinder of your gun, allowing the hammer to fall without risking damage to your revolver. There are no issues with cycling thanks to the Training Disk's low profile, keeping your trigger press consistent between live and dry fire. With its bright coloration, users will have no problem differentiating it from live or dummy ammunition, even when the cylinder is closed. This can also help with safe storage, ensuring you know the condition of your firearm at a glance.

The Dry-Fire Training Disk comes in both five and six shot variants. Test guns on display included both Smith & Wesson and Taurus revolvers. As I work through my review of the test samples provided, expect updates on compatibility across more makes and models of revolvers.


Since initially publishing this piece, I have been notified of an update to the Zeta6 website. The Dry-Fire Training Disk is now known as the SafeSnap, despite labeling on packages seen during SHOT. In addition to 5-shot J-Frames and 6-shot K-Frames, Zeta6 is now also supporting 5-shot Ruger LCR revolvers! You can check out the product pages for each version below:

5-Shot Smith & Wesson SafeSnap

6-Shot Smith & Wesson SafeSnap

5-Shot Ruger LCR SafeSnap

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  1. I found the new zeta6 dry fire discs on their website. They’re called SafeSnap. I ordered a set for my 642. Thanks for the new products info!

    • I just checked their website and saw the change! What's funny is the name on the website is not what the label on the packaging was in their booth, nor did they make any mention of an LCR variant during the show either. But hey, SafeSnap is a lot easier to say than Dry-Fire Training Disk, so I'll take it!

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