EXCLUSIVE: New Tenicor SAGAX LUX Holster Leaked

Tenicor SAGAX LUX Leaked Cover Photo
Tenicor SAGAX LUX Leaked Cover Photo

Tenicor recently teased in an email notifying subscribers of a 15% off sale that a 4th generation VELO holster was going to be released. They didn't mention the new Tenicor SAGAX LUX holster that was leaked to Firearm Rack by an anonymous source. While I normally would have dismissed a new product rumor, we were provided with some screenshots of the upcoming SAGAX LUX.

Ever since we reviewed the Tenicor VELO a while back, I have often worn a Glock 43 VELO and even modified a Glock 17 size VELO to Glock 19 length since I much prefer the 19's slide length. Personally, I always felt the VELO had a bit too aggressive angle to the wedge, but it appears that that has been addressed in on the SAGAX LUX. Sadly we don't have any information about the 4th gen VELO yet and can't speculate on the changes it will see.

A Deeper Look At The SAGAX LUX Leaked Info

Tenicor SAGAX LUX Wedge
It appears that the Tenicor SAGAX LUX has a much larger wedge than the VELO which should distribute pressure better.

The Tenicor SAGAX LUX Belt Clips

One of the things that I really loved about the Velo was the choice of belt clips. Since getting my first Tenicor holster, I have replaced the clips on every other holster that I use regularly with DCC Clips. There is an upcoming post focused solely on the benefits of the Discreet Carry Concepts clips, so I won't drone on too much about it here. The cliff notes version is they are stable, unbelievably low profile, and secure as hell.

Tenicor T1 Belt Clips
Just like the VELO, the new SAGAX LUX appears to use the excellent Discreet Carry Concepts T1 clips.

Tenicor Improves Their Claw?

Another feature that is a must for me personally is some form of belt claw to rotate the pistol grip into the body. Before I did the review on the PHLster Spotlight for TLR-7 I didn't really understand how much of an impact something this simple had.

Tenicor appears to have moved away from the original molded-in style of belt claw, which I think they call a raised trigger bar and incorporated what appears to be a removable belt claw on the SAGAX LUX.

The Tenicor SAGAX LUX uses a pretty interesting design on the claw.

The SAGAX LUX Is Light Bearing

In the photo below, you can get a clear look at how the holster accommodates the light, which looks really interesting. When carrying a pistol with a light attached, the thing that gives me the most discomfort is the edge of the holster digging into my leg, not the light.

I am currently testing a Bawidamann Gotham V2 for the site that accommodates a Surefire X300 Ultra and a Glock 34, interestingly the Gotham is more comfortable than some of the compact weapon light holsters I have tested because of the low profile of the material around the light bezel.

The most interesting thing we see in the leaked screenshots is the minimalist light enclosure.

The last leaked screenshot we got of the SAGAX LUX promo video is one of Kyle Defoor holding the new holster. While I have no idea what is being said about the holster, I highly doubt that Kyle would be in a video about the product if he didn't believe it was good.

You also can see exactly how low profile the holster is around the light in this screenshot leading me to believe that the holster is going to be ultra-comfortable.

Kyle Defoor with the SAGAX LUX
Kyle Defoor holding the SAGAX LUX in one of the leaked screenshots.

Where To Find More Info

Sadly there is no information about pricing for the new SAGAX LUX or the 4th generation VELO holsters, but we will be sure to update you as soon as we know more. In the meantime, check out the Tenicor website, as I mentioned they are currently taking 15% off the current inventory of VELOs and will undoubtedly be releasing more information soon about the SAGAX LUX.

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