Three Guns You Need In 2017

Have you wondered what guns you should own by the time 2017 ended? Our guest writer put together a wonderful post with his picks. 

Ever wondered what three guns you need in 2017? Our reader Michael wrote us to tell us what he thinks. 

Are you looking to improve your firearms collection? Or maybe you’re just preparing for the aftermath of a huge natural disaster. Regardless of the case, a gun should be by your side at all times. Even more, I think every adult man or woman should own at least three guns; that if they want to be prepared for both protection and hunting.

After all, not all guns are built the same and every serious shooter has more than one gun in his or her collection. But let’s not talk about this anymore and see the three guns you should own, considering several situations you might be in.

A Gun for Self-Defense

I don’t like to kid around when it comes to self-defense, which is why in addition to my regular handgun, I always like to have a shotgun around. My latest acquisition is a Remington Model 870 12 Gauge Shotgun which works for both hunting and home defense.

In my opinion, a shotgun should be in any firearm collection and the Model 870 is quite affordable (that if you worry about the price). I also have to highlight the fact that it is very reliable and versatile – if you take the interchangeable choke tubes.

You can use it to hunt birds, small game (rabbits, squirrels, and more), and big game when you’re using buckshot. And, if you’re not happy with the buckshot performance, I recommend changing the barrel with a rifled one so you can hit big game at longer ranges.

Now, if you want something for tight spaces, the Remington Model 870 won’t do, but you can always consider the Mossberg 590 Shockwave. This is a shotgun with a short barrel and lots of power that proved useful in cars, trucks, or RVs. Due to its small size it’s easy to handle in tight spaces and it will definitely surprise anyone bothering you.

A Gun for Hunting

I will recommend a rifle for the large or dangerous game because the small game is quite easy to get with almost anything. Actually, I read on Goog Gun that, with the proper airsoft rifle, you can shoot squirrels or rabbits using BBs. This is quite interesting as it will save you some valuable ammo.

But back to our cool rifle, I think the .375 H&H Magnum is a fantastic choice! The .375 cartridge is powerful but the recoil won’t dislocate your shoulder (if you’re an experienced shooter) and once you’re armed with it, you will be able to take down anything big and scary starting with a buffalo and ending with elephants and grizzlies.

Of course, you can also try it on elks, brown bears, or even a red stag! This rifle won’t disappoint when it comes to reliability and power.

A Concealed weapon

For self-defense purposes, I believe it’s important to have a small 9mm gun close to you at all times. After all you don’t know when you’ll need it and the rifles above are too big to carry around all the time. A handgun is easy to conceal and a semi-auto 9mm is one of the most reliable and accurate weapons I know. It is also simple to use and allows for fast reloads.

I recommend going with a gun designed for concealment because the times are a bit blurry on open carry right now (unless you’re a police officer).

I own a Glock 19 Gen 4 and I am extremely happy with its behavior and how it carries – it is lightweight and precise at impressive ranges and it’s quite easy to fire. This means that it won’t take too long for you to get used to it and it doesn’t require any special maintenance.

Why do I think we need all these guns? Well, considering the times we’re living and the idea of an imminent disaster, I think these guns will be extremely useful for defending our property, family, and health.

This guest post was written by our reader Michael.


  1. Been wanting a .375 H&H since I first shot one in 1968. Finialy got one in 2012, & love it. Now as they say, I'm armed for bear! 🙂

  2. Come on now. The .375 H&H is too much gun for almost every situation. Get a good moderate caliber rifle, like a .308, .270. 30-06 or even a surplus military rifle in any of the calibers used by European powers in WW2. Just make sure you can find ammunition or components for loading them.There is nothing on earth that can't be hunted with one of them. Even elk rifles don't need to be a magnum. Unless you live in territory where the great bear live there is no need for any large bore magnum rifle.

    • I agree. A safari magnum gun is a terrible choice for anything that isn't a safari, and even then only a good choice for the heaviest of animals. .308, .270, 6.5 CM with hunting loads, there are dozens of better options than .375 H&H!

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