Strike Industries Cookie Cutter Comp .300 Blackout/.308 | Review

A while back Strike Industries introduced their Cookie Cutter Comp in 5.56, I got a chance to take a closer look at one in .300 Blackout/.308. Admittedly the Strike Industries Cookie Cutter Comp has been sitting on my workbench for a while now, I didn’t have a .30 cal gun that had the correct 5/8×24 thread pitch. I guess this was as good of an excuse as any to pick up a .300 Blackout barrel and put together an SBR upper more suited to taking down feral hog here in Texas.

One of the stock photos from the Strike Industries product page shows how great the brake looks with a carefully chosen handguard. After I dug through my bin of parts I came up with everything else I needed to assemble my test upper, unfortunately, the rail I planned on using was 10″ long and the barrel was only 8″, I guess I don’t need a handguard to shoot it as long as I keep my hand clear.

Taking a look at the specs from Strike Industries site it covers everything pretty well.

Product Spec 300BLK / .308
– O.D.: 2.14”
– Weight: 7.90 oz
– Thread: ⅝” x 24
– Materials: Steel
– Color: Matte BlackPackage include
– 1 x .223 Cookie Cutter Comp.
– 1 x .300BKL / 308 Cookie Cutter Comp.

-Large Single Gas Port expels gas on both right and left sides.
-Heavy-duty parkerized finished steel construction
-Unique functional design.

The Cookie Cutter Comp features a large single chamber design. It also has some small ports to the front of the brake situated between the crenelations. Strike was kind enough to include a crush washer, good thing because I couldn’t find the right size in my bin of parts.

The crenelations also make a decent glass breaker, if you are into that sort of thing.

Instead of having users insert a tool into the chamber to tighten the brake on Strike included flats for a wrench.

Time to get it out onto the range. My upper looks pretty funny without the rail attached, it still shoots though. I must admit, the Cookie Cutter’s 7.9 ounces are kinda noticeable.

Taking my first shots with the Cookie Cutter produced quite a noise. Strike warns in the product description “It is NOT a flash suppressor. There will be significant side concussion so the shooter needs to be aware of hand placement and surrounding personnel!!!

The Cookie Cutter does a wonderful job at keeping the recoil to a minimum.

My only big gripe with the Cookie Cutter is its considerable weight and bulk. When I tested the Triple Crown Comp from Strike they were able to provide some pretty outstanding results with a lot less bulk and weight.

Strike Industries normally hits a home run with their products, I am not sure this is one of them. I am sure that there is some need out there that I am not seeing. It does look pretty cool though, I guess that is a great reason to buy one for your rifle.

The Cookie Cutter carries an MSRP of $59.95. You can read more about the Cookie Cutter Comp on the Strike Industries website here.

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