Thyrm CLENS Review

Thyrm is a company that makes some unique, problem-solving products. They’ve brought an innovative, simple product to the field, in the form of the Switchback. However, Thyrm is not stopping and is continuing to solve problems with the CLENS.

What Is The Thyrm CLENS?

The CLENS is a really simple product; it is a clear cover that you put on the lens of the light so that it won’t get dirty. The idea here is that you slap a CLENS on your WML while it is clean. After shooting, and building carbon fouling on the light, you can merely pull off the CLENS, and voila, you now have an unobscured light.

This product was made in collaboration with Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics, someone who knows his stuff with lights, and light usage. Aaron does great reviews, and product overviews, that are some of the most objective on YouTube. After watching his video on the CLENS, I ordered a sheet of them and gave them a try.

Where To Find The Thyrm CLENS

All prices are current at the time of publication. Please click the link to see the most up to date pricing.

Does The Thyrm CLENS Work?

Installing the CLENS on your WML is pretty simple. You’ll get 18 CLENS protectors on each sheet, and each one has a small tab on it. The tab is there to both pull the CLENS off of the sheet, and to make ease in installing and removing it from the light. You’ll want to make sure that your light is clean and dry before you slap your CLENS on.

The first thing that I tested was holster compatibility. I know this may sound dumb, but I don’t want to put the CLENS on if a few draws will make it come off of my WML.  Never once did the CLENS remove itself from my Streamlight TLR-1 HL during my testing process.

I had the CLENS on my VP9’s TLR-1 HL for a roughly 300 round range session and took some photos to show the difference. The CLENS was installed while the light was squeaky clean.

Here is our dirty, carbon fouled TLR-1 HL, wearing a CLENS…

… and here is the same light, with the CLENS peeled off.

The CLENS worked as advertised. One of the really nice features is that while the CLENS is on a clean, un-carbon fouled WML, it will not affect the output. I used the proper CLENS for my light, which is the CLENS-18M.

Is The Thyrm CLENS Good?

I would have to say yes, it is good. Much like many purpose-built tools, it serves its very specific function quite well. This was a solution to a problem, and a solution it certainly is. I would recommend this product to anyone who practices a lot and doesn’t like scrubbing WMLs after every range trip.

The Thyrm CLENS was purchased at retail price by the author. 

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