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I am going to do my absolute best at making this a non-political post since I think there is a lot that we can learn from the instructor that changed the professor’s mind about gun owners.

Recently Iowa Firearms Coalition ran a story on a professor from Drake University that had her world turned over by a local firearms instructor because he was polite, approachable, and kind instead of the image that the professor had built in her head of what a gun owner is. The fact that a well spoken and polite instructor was able to flip her opinion quickly is nothing short of amazing. I say hats off to you unnamed instructor at Mutch Olafson Range, thank you for being approachable.

All too often we come across people from all walks of life that don’t understand firearms or have a skewed perspective of what the culture really is like. We as shooters have a bit of an obligation to be “brand ambassadors” for firearms owners everywhere. After all, how often is it that we are able to introduce people to a part of our life that we are passionate about? I know that I don’t get to do it near as often as I would like given most of the people that I live around grew up around firearms.

Every now and again I get the opportunity to introduce someone to firearms and try to do so in a positive manner. I want to hear about your experiences teaching new shooters the ropes, what did you find effective? What was more harmful than helpful?

If you would like to read the story that I am referring to CLICK HERE.

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