9/3/18 Gun Deals: Glock Stuff & CMMG MK47 Mutant

Something I have wanted to do for a while is put up a daily deal post as I see them during my travels on the web and I have finally convinced myself to get it done. Today there are some great deals on the CMMG MK47 Mutant, Brownells RMR slide, KCI Glock Mags, an FNS-9L pistol, the Remington 870 Tac 14, and a Henery Big Boy Silver in .357 mag. Without further ado, here are the 9/3/18 Daily Gun Deals.

Please keep in mind that Firearm Rack is in no way endorsing these products, just making you aware that these deals exist. Where we do have experience with a product we will note or link that experience.

Glock 19X - $529.99 Shipped With Code NVD & Filler Item

It is no secret that I really like the Glock 19X. If you haven't seen my 2,000 round review click here and the 3,200 round update you can click here. $529 shipped for Glock's MHS submission with one 17-round mag and two 19-round mags is a pretty stellar deal. The Glock 19X is probably my personal favorite out of the Glock lineup.

In order to get the NVD code to work, you will need to add a filler item to the cart. I chose to use a Luth-AR AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Hinge Pin Snap Ring for $0.93 to crest that $600 mark needed for the code.

On sale for $529.99 shipped with code NVD at Brownells, normally $749 plus shipping. Make sure to use a filler item for the max discount (Filler item).


CMMG MK47 Mutant 7.62x39 Rifle - $1049.99 Shipped With Code NDW 

I have had some extensive time on the CMMG MK47 Mutant in both rifle and pistol form and can absolutely recommend it. The rifle uses a beefed up bolt that is more akin to an AR-10 while feeding from an AK-47 magazine. We found the rifle to be extremely reliable as well as very accurate when shooting steel ammo. Great rifle at a pretty nice price.

On sale for $1049.99 shipped with code NDW at Brownells, normally $1342.99 plus shipping.


FN America FNS-9L NMS with 3 17-Round Mags and Tritium Sights - $379 with $9.99 Shipping

The FN America FNS-9L had been a pistol that has been on my wishlist for several years now but somehow has never made it into my safe. I have always been a fan of FN's striker fired pistols and think that they often are overlooked when they should be something considered when shopping for that new pistol. With the upcoming Apex trigger kits, this would be a heck of a buy if you are in the market for a good blaster.

On sale for $379, normally $599 at EuroOptic


Brownells RMR Cut Glock Slides - $164.99 Shipped With Code NCS

We are currently working on a review of the Brownells Glock slides and feel that they are a great value for someone building their own Glock up or even if you want to try a slide mounted red dot. Expect to see a review of the Brownells RMR and non-RMR cut slides on the Firearm Rack YouTube channel shortly as well as an article here. With about 1,200 rounds through two variations, I have to say I am a fan for range use or a first red dot slide.

On sale for $164.99 shipped with code NCS at Brownells, normally $229.99 plus shipping.


Remington 870 Tac-14 Shockwave - $264.99 Shipped With Code M8Y

While the Remington 870 Tac-14 might be a silly gun, it would be the perfect candidate for an awesome SBS. The Tac-14 already comes with a magpul forend and you would only need to add a

On sale for $264.99 shipped with code M8Y at Brownells, normally $359.99 plus shipping.


Henry Big Boy Silver 20" .357 mag/.38 Spl Rifle - $647.99 Shipped With Code NDV

I have a fondness for lever actions and own a Henry Big Boy Steel in .357 Mag/.38 Spl that will be in an upcoming video. I don't want to spoil the video, but rest assured that i can recommend the big boy rifles if you happen to have a lever gun itch to scratch. This one is the slightly nicer version with the nicely blued octagon barrel and the silver receiver and American Walnut stocks.

On sale for $647.99 shipped with code NDV at Brownells, normally $812.99 plus shipping.


KCI 33 Round Glock Mags - $12.99

GunMag Warehouse has the KCI 33 round Glock mags on sale for $12.99. While I wouldn't say these would be a good mag to use for defensive or professional purposes based on my extremely limited experiance, they would be ideal for a range trip or a pistol caliber carbine like the Ruger PC Carbine.

On sale for $12.99 at GunMag Warehouse, normally $19.99


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